I Can't See My House From Here

After nine days of driving, relaxing, hiking and driving some more today I reached what most certainly was the furthest point of the road trip. From Lower Beechmont I drove up the very long, extremely windy Lamington National Park Road to Green Mountains - an experience both twisty and magnificent. Then after parking and breakfast with the birdlife we walked another eighteen kilometres to Toolona Lookout which, funnily enough, I could not see my house from.

1,565km as the Crimson Rosella flies.

It has been an extreme privilege to have a car capable of taking me such a long distance across what I have been reminded constantly is a diverse, beautiful country that has roads connecting it all over the place. I mean I’ve paid a lot of tax in my life, but not enough to cover the thousands of kilometres of motorways, winding mountain passes, bridges, bypasses, retaining walls, and other infrastructure that has carried me from Adelaide to here. I also appreciate those who have mapped out and trodden all the hiking trails past waterfalls and scenic vistas up and down the eastern seaboard.

While up on that lookout and taking photos I noticed I had 4G mobile reception, and I was able to check the security camera in my living room, so I guess thanks to all this infrastructure I could see my house from there.

After finishing the hiking and getting back in the car I had a headlight out, so after we got back and before I ate 5000 calories of food to refuel I had the privilege of changing a headlight bulb. Luckily I had the foresight to pack both a spare headlight bulb, and a Pirate Life to drink afterwards.


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