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It has been four years since I moved into this house and I am still receiving mail for the previous tenants.

I am a good Australian. I write "NATA" on the envelopes, and scribble an arrow in the direction of the return address. Then I put these back in the red post boxes the next time I need something to add some spice to the monotony of living in the same place for four years during the Work From Home era.

...God damn it, 2024 journals are literally becoming a case study into turning forty.

Anyway, another letter arrived today with the same old names. I could kind of see through the thin envelope that this was just crappy promotional material, so I decided to just rip it open and throw it in the bin.

Who was marketing to the old owner occupiers today? The freaking real estate agent who sold their house to us! Of all the people who should know they are NATA, it would be him.

Also he paid the "Card Only" stamp price and he stuck a big magnet inside the envelope as well. Typical Real Estate Agents. Adelaide median house prices went up 11.5% last year and he hasn't made enough millions to pay full price for a letter.



Chat GPT says...
This journal entry provides a glimpse into the author's frustration and humor about the ongoing issue of receiving mail for the previous tenants. The use of humor, such as labeling the mail with "NATA" and adding an arrow, adds a lighthearted touch to the annoyance of dealing with the situation. The mention of the Work From Home era and the monotony of daily life adds a contemporary context to the narrative.

The author's sarcastic tone, evident in phrases like "God damn it, 2024 journals are literally becoming a case study into turning forty," reflects a sense of resignation and perhaps a touch of self-deprecating humor. The frustration escalates when the author receives promotional material from the real estate agent who sold them the house, highlighting the irony in the situation.

The commentary on the real estate agent's choice of postage and the inclusion of a magnet adds an extra layer of humor and criticism, suggesting the author's annoyance with the perceived frugality or opportunism of real estate agents.

Overall, the journal entry effectively conveys the everyday annoyances and quirks of life, offering a relatable and humorous take on the mundane challenges of homeownership and the persistence of unwanted mail.

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