The Opposite of a First World Problem

My dog is living the life while I'm out there, working.

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Damn It

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I need to find the HM to teach Nash cut.

Doggy Day Care

This morning I dropped Nash off for her first ever visit to doggy daycare. The moment we walked through the door even Nash was overwhelmed by the big eyes and excited sounds and blur of limbs. And that was just the staff.

Later that morning “Nash” sent me a “Pawesome” text message/essay… I think I should have made Vanessa the contact number...

Hi Dad, it's me Nash! My Pack Leader asked me to send you a text letting you know how my morning at daycare is going!

I have settled in nicely now that I've sniffed absolutely everything and everyone! I've made a new best friend, his name is Leo and he is a terrier mix, whatever that means, all I know is he is super fun!!

Well Leo is bugging me to get back to our game so I better get going, I can't wait to tell you all about the rest of my day when you pick me up later! Hope you have a PAWESOME day, I know I will!!
Lots of love, Nash

I wonder what kind of text she would send if I never came back to pick her up.

Dogs Like To Sniff Butts

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Daylight Suckings

I was walking the dog last week in the NBA Finals Commercial Break length period of daylight that exists between getting home from work and sunset.

“It’s okay,” I told Nash as she trotted carelessly over perpetually moist grass. “It’s only three weeks ‘til solstice, then it will be getting lighter every day.”

My brain crunched the information, cross-referenced my vague understanding of the solar system and reported back that this meant another six weeks until there we were back up to the same amount of daylight as we had today.

Welcome to a period of the year I like to call the, “Why didn’t I book a northern hemisphere holiday damn it?” period. AKA the opposite of daylight savings, Daylight Suckings. In mid January you can sometimes fit so many activities during the evening that it almost feels like you didn’t even go to work since the last time you slept. During Daylight Suckings you get out of bed on a Saturday and realise half the morning is gone and it’s almost lunchtime.

At least the leaves are pretty colours.

Descriptions of Cameraphone Photos of the Month - July 2015

You ever decide one day to deprive yourself of something you do regularly and love? Like, going a month without beer, or no-added-sugar, low-fat yogurt. Just to see if you can do it? Just to see if it makes you feel alive? And it makes you really appreciate what you've been taking for granted, even though you're plainly aware that you enjoy it.

I've gone a month without taking photos with my phone. And, amazingly, I've found my life has actually improved by... Shit. I can't lie, it's like the worst thing that's ever happened to me in the post-Snapchat age. You practically can't live in society these days without taking photos with your phone. As far as July 2015 goes it may well have never happened as I have no photos to prove it. I'll have to rely on my fitness tracker records and my Fly Buys account details purely to remember that I was even alive.

If I really grasp at straws, however, I can kind of say that one advantage of having no phone camera is that for photos of the month I can describe the amazing photos I would have taken, had my camera not been busted, instead of actually taking them. Plus, I didn't have to get into the weird postures to take these photos at the right position/angle, nor endure strangers wondering what kind of weird selfie I could be taking facing the camera away from me, and with no meal in sight.

Here are text descriptions of the July 2015 Cameraphone Photos of the Month.

1. Shiny, blue early morning dew on overgrown green grass.

2. Vibrant stalks of lavender growing along the footpath, the sunrise in the background

3. Adelaide oval under lights and a downpour, from high in the western stand.

4. Gus at night at Steve and Kristen's house-warming, wearing a fashionably knotted scarf / rollover for Gus in a sunlit front bar watching The Showdown with a fashionably knotted scarf.

5. Grange beach after a winter run, the clouds approaching sunset reflected in large puddles on the dirt path behind the dunes.

6. A grainy photo of our quiz-night answer sheet at the Curious Squire, showing the cartoon drawing of the quiz master.

7. At Henley Beach square, A large sign on temporary fencing that reads "Business as Usual" and through the fence the destruction of construction clearly illustrating that things are not as usual.

8. Something I cooked or baked

9. Claire and Josh's roaring fire.

10. Cowan eating a blue frosted cupcake on the Fourth of July with a big, goofy smile.

11. Nash after a bath looking equally fluffy and unimpressed.

12. North Terrace office towers glowing in 5pm golden sunset. Rollover for Parliament House post-sunset with orange and black clouds of dusk filling the background to the horizon. (If dicking around in Photoshop makes the colours and dynamic range particularly sharp, post as separate photo rather than a rollover.)

13. Vanessa wearing a pompom-beanie and two jumpers under a furry blanket and a cute, pouty face.

14. Chow at Lucky Lupitas presenting a trunk of beers to the cook to say thank you for years of feeding him Mexican food (Chow description of a cameraphone photo of the month.)

15. A couple of ducks sleeping in the midday sunshine on the bank of the Torrens River, with caption "Stop being lazy and make the fucking ducklings, ducks. I need some Spring."

Nash Comes of Age

The day we got Nash she was given a pink Puppy Kong as one of her first presents.

Somehow it's managed to last nine months while hundreds of other toys have died, some literally in seconds.

Finally this week Nash decided to destroy the Puppy Kong, which I assume this is her way of telling us she's a grown up now.

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Tomorrow's hopeful entry title: Nash Gets a Job