It's April. I've never had an April journal before. This is interesting, I'll have to add a calendar.
Worked this evening, went to town after, came home after that... Yep...

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If you met yourself from the future, what would you ask your future self?
What if they wont tell you anything?

Kind of a bad day today:

Bulldogs played, won most of the game, then lost.
Car wouldn't start (again, immobiliser problem now, God-fucking-Dammit)
Played Basketball carnival, didn't finish on top.

However, after all that bad stuff... nothing good happened. You know, because life isn't a fairytale. Although I did beat Josh at pool and Happy at Rumikub at Burrett's house. Also, I think someone syphoned my petrol when I parked on the street earlier in the week. Evidence points to it.
Also this isn't the first Journal I've ever had that's covered April. Although that reminds me, I should change my calender. I was awake today at 4:04:04.04 04/04/04. Nothing good came of it, except sleepiness.
However, all that badness is ok, because tommorow... I get to write a 2000 word essay about 'creative and effective writing' which I will have to bullshit my way through completely. Hopefully I can write it creatively and effectively.

Dear Western Bulldogs,

If you are up by say 7, or maybe 8 points with 20 minutes left in the final quarter, please kick the ball short and keep posession. Sure, the crowd won't like it but maybe you'll be able to WIN!

Also, I think I may just get a tattoo. It's going to be on my right shoulder, and it's going to say "Tattoo" in small letters.

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How many men does it take to carry a fireplace down a path?
Six. Apparently. After that we played some football.
Things to do at Marion tommorow:

* Pay Insurance
* Pay RAA Plus membership
* Return USB cable
* Buy some Ugg Boots
* Investigate some stylish winter clothing
* Get trendy haircut (maybe tommorow, maybe later)
* Buy some of that face wash for "Men that Dare to Care"
* Check for Multiplicity DVD at JB

Finished my essay today. Huzzah!

It's Holidays again! And not a moment to soon. I don't know if I could have gone another week. Those six weeks were hell, thank God we had three months to prepare for them. Now, 18 days off.

All the other jokes I had to share for today can be found in this story which provides a candid insight into my life:
Shirt Story

Today's entry will be in dot point form:

* $20 haircuts and not better than $14 haircuts. Although it is still cheaper than a bag of weed.
* I hate my car.
* The Royal Tenenbaums is an awesome movie
* Through this journal I'm documenting my progress through discovery of life.
* Dot Point

Aye. Today I spent $245 on a new starter motor. Goddamn car. The reason yesterday I wrote that I was documenting my progress through life is because I keep discovering things about myself and writing "today I discovered that". Like, today I discovered that I didn't know how to gel my hair properly. Alex showed me. He's 14 and he knows how to gel his hair properly, and I didn't. But now I do. Another step towards self discovery. I'm glad I remembered that, I'm having trouble remembering stuff that has happened earlier during the day, I think i'm getting premature alzheimers or something. Hopefully not. Obviously.

I went to Harbour Town today and bought $100 worth of four pieces of clothing. A jumper (hoodie), two shirts and a t-shirt. Jeans are for another day. After that I went to work, and now I'm home and want to sleep. Problem is there's a huge pile of clothes on my bed which I have to put away, or more realistically, put on the floor so I can sleep.

Pretty good day today. Got up at midday, played basketball, football with the guys around blackwood. Then went home, went to Sam's house and played basketball/football/pool into the hours of the morning then went home.

Today, in particular the 24 hours that made up Sunday the 18th of April 2004, were pretty damn good. In fact, I'd say they made up the best day of the year, and the hours before and after them were good too.
Anyway, the day started with me at Sam's, where I'd had not too many drinks, won a few games of pool and marks up with a mini football. I got home and watched Angry Beavers, which made me laugh. I then slept for 8 hours, woke up and watched the bulldogs win. During the first quarter I ate a chicken roll which Mum both made for and brought to me which I ate in bed. Then the Bulldogs won, which pretty much made the day perfect.

The day ended with me at Jarrad and Josh's hobo party at Jarrad's house where I got drunk, took photos of myself with some guy that looked like Ashton Kutcher and had an all round good time until I got home at 5:00am. The only bad part was when I looked at the clock, saw it was 6:00am and I can't go to sleep until I put the sheets on my bed. Hopefully writing this journal entry right now will fix that problem. Come on, the Internet still owes me, but less now than before.

Nothing is happening. Nothing interesting is happening. Kind of. Well, I didn't get to sleep until after 7am so most of the day was spent sleeping. I worked at night then ate a decent as steak for dinner. Oh, I'm not sueing my Dad anymore either. I probably should do some homework. Especially that group work thing.

Today, after work, I played pool. And I won.

Today I had to get up at 10:40 fucking am to interview Janet for our software engineering thing and it was shitty. Still, Mark gave me a piece of chewing gum before he abandoned me, and I put it in my pocket and will eat it later this week. Thanks Mark. Spent most of today in my car again working on the stereo. Oh, I bought a lockable petrol cap, for $25, but apparently the manufactures confused "lock" with "stays shut unless you just jiggle it a little". Then, at basketball practice I killed my thumb TWICE before sitting out, got bored, decided to play with my hand in my pocket and drilled the index finger on my other hand. It's swollen to twice it's size. It's the size I imagine Cowan's penis is. I wonder where Cowan is in New Zealand...

I, um, spent another few hours in my car today, than five hours at work. Over a kilogram of smarties in total were broken and I ate some of them. It rained, which was peachy. I smiled.

It rained a lot today and I worked Elliot's shift because he had concussion. Today was a good day to end the holidays, because, well, the holidays have two days left and everything has fallen into place. I bought clothes and I have finished installing the car stereo and have found a girl who likes me. That's really cool, because she's sweet and mad and goes pretty loud and still sounds good. The girl's ok too. Tommorow I'm going to a Bulldogs game, if they win, well, it might just be the best Christmas ever, Jimmy.

I went to the Bulldogs game today and saw them kick 7 goals in 110 minutes. I would have taken some photos, except I'm a Bulldogs supporter, so I'd probably have missed.
At work yesterday I noticed that it's Mother's Day soon. There's a side end of those Enjo cleaning gloves and a sign that says "The perfect gift for any Mum".
Ok Woolworths, how the fuck is that the perfect gift for any Mum? What? 'Hey Mum! Happy Mother's Day! Here, you can use this to clean the house. Oh, it's great isn't it! So, do you want to try it now? Why not?'
Perfect gift for any Mum my arse, what about Mums who don't have any hands?
Woolworths... Morons...

The strangest thing happened today. You see at the start of the day I had a 750 word English story and a 1500 word SE thing to write and I hadn't started either of them. Yet, somehow, despite going to Sam's for a BBQ at one and not starting any work until after 7pm, I finished both of them with plenty of time to spare and now face the prospect of getting 8 hours of sleep. I mean, these holidays have been great, but to finish 2 weeks of homework in one afternoon without even trying, well that was just nuts!

Why is it that I get called in to do dairy fridge work during Autumn and Winter but never on the hottest day on record since 1939? Why is it so hard to believe that an Asian IT student named Bob could be one half of a dynamnic crime fighting super hero where his partner and him were spiderman alternatively each day and every second sunday and on the fifth sunday of a month they would flip a coin? I bought my Thomas the Tank Engine Muffins like 50 days ago and I still haven't baked them. Basketball starts on Saturday! Life is good.

At work tonight my boss called me "Bugalug". It was incredibly confusing. I think it's because I explained to him that I fill like a turtle travelling down hill, I start off slowly and then build up speed. He actually said I was "Value for money" today, I think, it took a little while to sink in because I just assumed he said "Hurry Up" and wondered why it sounded so different.
Programming Test on saturday... dammit...

We're getting new people at work next week! One a week for four weeks. It's how exciting! Second Exlamation Point. Seriously, I'm pretty sure that I've got Aisle 6 cemented completely these days so I won't lose any shifts, and there will be new people. It's like we're expecting a baby. I hope none of them are called Brad, or else we'll have to make up a nickname for him/her. Also, I hope that because I'm so good at Aisle 6 that I get a newbie to be my apprentice. Also, I hope that person is Josh Ryan Evans.
Oh, and did you know it's possible to talk on the phone for 30 minutes?

Today had some very good moments. CASE IN POINT:
Woolworths, 12:20am, The night is almost complete and the majority of nightfillers are assembled in aisle 3 either facing up or pretending to face up. Then, from the corner of my eye I notice movement under the shelves of the aisle. I then watch, amazed, as Pete squeezes his whole body under the aisle from aisle four into aisle three. It was fucking g-old. All in all worked 6 and a half hours today and I'm working three more tommorow. I'm getting a fat, fat pay check on Tuesday because of Anzac day I haven't been paid for last saturday either. It rained a lot too. And I got my stereo's antenna extionsion installed so now I have radio. And the first game of Basketball is tommorow. I'm stoked! Like a fire! Problem is, I have a programming exam in 6 hours. Shit!