I'm being secretive, however, today did have a dodgy programming exam, the bulldogs winning, us losing basketball and me discovering after the game that I'd grabbed a bathmat and had been using that as a sweat towel. And I bought the "Princess Superstar" CD from JB for $8. Fucking Bargain.

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If you met yourself from the future, what would you ask your future self?
What if they wont tell you anything?

Today, I scored, I FUCKING scored. It was awesome. Totally awesome. I mean, seriously, awesome. Minesweeper. Intermediate. 38 seconds. That's more than a mine a second people! Also at some stage Lori came over and we watched something on tv I don't remember what.
And the Bulldogs won by a point yesterday, so I'll wear my Bulldogs singlet for the next couple of days while I revel in our awesome position of "11th".

At some stage I missed a day and there's a spider in my room.

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The other day at uni I bumped into Brad Spiel, my old friend from primary school. Unlike most kids in primary school who have the same name and thus don't like each other, Brad and I were good friends for most of the early days of Primary school. Then we drifted apart and I think Brad thought we were fighting about both having the same first name but I was like "Nah, man, it's cool, I'm Bradley". Then in 1996 he went to a new school and I was Brad once more!
Anyway, I saw him on Thursday, which is the day I dress the worst for uni. I mean, it's four days into the week, so I haven't shaved since the weekend or at best Tuesday night for day shift. It was raining on Thursday morning when I got up so I didn't put much effort into my dress. I was wearing unclean baggy jeans, a t-shirt, my black "it's cold today no time for style" hobo jacket and because i'd been too lazy to do my hair that day I was wearing a hat. My Japanese "Wet Dreams" hat. As well as the aforementioned facial hair. I was in humanities at the time, but Brad must've thought I was a bum/IT Student.

It's almost Wednesday. It's almost the 1 year anniversary of me getting my stereo. Wow, where does all the time go? My guess, it goes in here.

So... uni... Funny thing. I woke up at my usual time of 9:50 for a school day and turned my glaringly loud and painful sounding distorted trance music off. I usually just sit and watch Fashion TV for a few minutes after that to give my brain a few minutes to wake up. Unfortunately today before I could even reach for the remote I fell asleep again. I woke up at 10:28 and very calmly assesed the situation. I was not going to get to uni in time for programming, Database Tutorials are an absolute waste of time (like tutour like tute I suppose). So, I set my alarm forward two hours from 9:50 and went to sleep with plans to get to uni at the start of my normal hour gap before DB, do some programming and then go to the DB and Programming lectures. After doing this, I was asleep again before 10:29. However, after waking up at 11:50 I thought "No, I really should go to a repeat of the prog tute, so, I'll sleep another hour, go to DB and prog, hang around an hour doing some prog prac until the 5:00pm prog tute repeat starts. It was a good plan. I set my alarm forward another hour and was asleep before 11:51.
I woke up at 12:50, a little tired, after 10 hours of sleep. I got up, showered, watched a drunk asian dance his way to $1000 on Channel V and got to the DB lecture on time. After sitting through that and the prog lecture I realised that I'd left the notes for the prog tute at home and decided I couldn't be bothered printing them out again so I decided not to go the prog tute repeat and decided to go home.
Now I'm sure that was hard to follow, so let me put it this way: uni is good because I sleep in and then go home early and only am there for two hours. Uni is bad because I don't learn anything properly.
I got a distinction for my English Essay and SE1 Phase 1 Assignment.

What a larf! 69!
I hate programming. In the practice exam today I did as well as I expected to. Which was badly. Doesn't matter though, because after that we played basketball and beat Brighton with gusto. Total gusto. It's the first time we've ever beaten them and it felt good. Also, one of them scratched me deep in a line that almosts travels halfway around my arm.
After that I went to work, came home, went out and saw "Van Helsing" which, all things considered, is a cross between "Men in Black", "Shrek" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Movie producers must've run out of ideas a few years ago and are now just combining stuff in a cauldron. Didn't turn out badly though.
After dropping Lori home I called up Josh and found that he was in town so I drove to town, got told we were going to Magill, drove to Magill, got told we were going to Goodwood, drove to Goodwood, sat around in a house in Goodwood for an hour, then drove home. My poor, precious petrol.
Also Goodwood makes me laugh, because it reminds me of the train driver saying GoodWood every morning when I used to cattch the train. The drivers pronounce it "Gdwd". It's funny.

Well I have a little bit of homework to do. Just a bit. 50% of Databases, 50% of English, programming and SE all need to be done by the end of the weekend. And seeing I want to do stuff on the weekend, I have to do them before the weekend. So, since I got home from work at 9 that's what I've been doing. Well, after talking on the phone for 75 minutes (my god). I knew I'd need energy and motivation, so I bought 250g of M&M's at work and I made a pudding. The plan was that I'd eat a few M&M's each time I made some progress and when I finished my ERD I was going to watch "There's something about Miriam" and eat some pudding.
I spent the first hour doing homework. Which sounds good, until you realise that homework was the name I gave to this game which basically involved me throwing an M&M behind me and then rolling back on my chair fast enough to catch it in my mouth. Before I knew it I'd eaten most of 250g of M&M's inside an hour. When I say most, I mean, there were a fair few that rolled to places on my floor. After that I forced myself to do most of my ERD before I went and watched "There's something about Miriam" (Hilarious, I laughed my arse off) and ate pudding for tea at 2am. Mum came and watched it with me for a few minutes, constantly saying how she found the concept disgusting. Then she toddled off and I went back to my computer and did more homework so I'm actually pretty happy with the amount of work I got done today. Now I have to clean my teeth really well.

I discovered today that it was probably about time for me to take some of the keys off my keyring. Namely, the padlock keys from year 12. My keys are much lighter now.
Yesterday it was discovered that Marius was being replaced by Graham. Most likely because A) Graham speaks English and B) Graham isn't grossly incompetent.
Then I discovered jogging home from work.
So much discovering.

I almost think I shouldn't have driven to uni today. Mainly because after I drove there I sat down and couldn't stay awake for an hour. I was at uni until 6pm tonight. I did programming. Databases suck. Homework suck. Richmond suck... hopefully.

At Woolworths last night I spent 15 minutes re-arranging the planogram for the snappy tom single serves so that the ref numbers were in lexicographical order to make filling them easier. It was a nice night. I ate some raspberries.
TONIGHT Cheryl was in charge and went batshit crazy and forced everyone to fill the huge load in 3 hours no matter what and it was all done rather poorly and I wished for thursday night. Some Snappy Tom single serves came in, but they were all full anyway so I didn't get to use my cool new system. I ate nothing! Fucking AutostockR.
Not only that, but the one time I do get out of work at 11pm and I've got nothing to do after. So I did homework on a friday night. Yay.