I have a new phone. My ringtone is the Pac Man theme. It's inspired me to play Pac Man and listen to ”Mope” by the Bloodhound Gang.
I bought Petrol yesterday for 95.5c a litre. This is compared to the $1.08 it was last week. It was cheap on the weekend too. Petrol purchasing is like riding the stock market. You gotta take risks to make money. Thing with petrol price riding is that it takes so long to actually make any money. 98c a litre compared to 94c, when you fill up 30 litres say, that's only a $1.20 saving. And that's in Australian dollars. So it takes a lot of work through the whole year to save up big cash. And that's why when you run red on an expenisve day it sets you back so far. But then you're like ”Ayy, Stock Market” and you start wearing a business suit everytime you fill up.

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If you met yourself from the future, what would you ask your future self?
What if they wont tell you anything?

I spent 12 hours today memorising 144 pages of my Software Engineering Resource Manual so that I may regurgitate it onto a few sheets of paper at 1:15pm tommorow. After that I'll have passed all of my subjects for this semester. Another semester down. Memorising stuff is so easy. I've used this strategy without fail since year 12 exams and it's bombing. I don't even feel like I could possibly jinx myself right now about tommorows exam with this little ego-driven post because Software Engineering exams must be the easiests toss-off exam in the university calender. I pity and mock those who actually spent time in the lectures for this subject as they were completely useless and have probably had a negative effect on their learning for serious reasons that I won't gointo. In my DB exam I claimed that ”Normalisation dissolves data redundancy”.
So after my exam I'll essentially have 4 weeks off. (I will go in on Tuesday for the repeat of the programming exam to see if I can improve my grade of 72% some more). My plans:

  • Buy an adventure game for the Nintendo 64, put the 64 in my room and finish it
  • Go Camping
  • Watch Cricket

That's not my things to do list that's just a general overview. It's sort of like the definition and later I'll give the specifications, which will be in super dot form, always trying to outdo the last. Anyways gotta rest up the sponge for tommorow's quest, which is ”Buy some new Windscreen Wiper blades on the way home from the whatever exam.”

Oh my exams are easy. Too easy. It's suspicious. Now for a month of well deserved rest and relaxation. The best thing about uni is the three month summer. Not only because it goes for three months, but also because it means that the rest of the year only goes for nine months. And then, there's a whole month off during that nine months, which is now, all I can say is ”holy shit we're halfway through the year”. Which is scary. I was remembering back to November last year like it was yesterday.
Yeah anyway after the exam I bought an ”Element” jumper/jacket, which I call a jumacket. Apparently I'm allowed to wear it because I say ”Bust” and ”Devo” during conversations.

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No Update: At Josh's

I worked 7 hours today, without being afforded a meal break. Thanks a lot Woolworths. After I got out at 11pm it was the foggiest I've ever seen it. It wasn't raining but everything was glistening. For about 2 metres it was crystal clear and looked awesome and after that you couldn't see jack. There was so much light though that the fog was illuminating everything it was almost like day, it was so cool. I didn't almost die on the way home.
Then tonight I made: this
Holidays are fun.

Oh my, I didn't do anything too noteworthy today.

'Twas a better day today. Got up a little earlier and played some football for a while. Then the evening was spent setting up the VCR and Nintendo in my room so that I could begin part of my holiday plans: Play Mario 64. I have 6 stars already! I'm going to buy a new TV now. Oooh, new financial year... Shit I didn't do anything too noteworthy today...