Now here's something that's quite alarming, it's Spring.
This is more alarming than all the assignments that I have due during the next week, some of which have questions I can't comprehend.
This year has been going fast. I think I can divide it up into segments pretty well. First there was summer (January 1st to March 1st) then there was last week (March 2nd to August 31st) and now there's today.
Life is moving on, the seasons are changing once again. Spring is a time for new life, new chances, new opportunities, new... uh, months. Spring is actually like Winter in pretty much every way. I like South Australia. "I bought a jacket just in time for Spring" people will say, because in spring it rains. But it's also a heavy indication of what's to come: exams, summer, the end of another year, questions about where life is all leading, worries about the future. It all leads to an important question. Should I start a Spring Journal or keep going with the wintry one? Having a green colour scheme for a journal could be cool, but I'd like to get to one hundred entries in a journal again and this one seems to be going strong (no emotional rock bottoms for a while, hooray). I think I'll go with wintry still. After all, it's going to keep raining until november and I can't be bothered creating a new template. Maybe I will be keener this summer, after I memorise the entire IT Apps 2 topic guide the night before the exam and learn about html again!

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If you met yourself from the future, what would you ask your future self?
What if they wont tell you anything?

I got up at 10:50am today to attend lectures at it's now 3:15am so today's one of those days where I can't remember the start that well because of the amount of events that have transpired during the course of the day. Usually when days are shorter and involve less doing things they don't get quite as blurry.
Nevertheless after four hours of uni I went to Black Forrest Primary for basketball practice. I volunteered to take Alex down there too and next thing I know I'm driving all around the hills and far away to pick up little kids and taking them to basketball practice. My car was full of them. I made their trip comfortable by playing funky breaks at louder than necessary volumes next to their brains thanks to my rear-parcel shelf 6"x9"s. Then, while driving home and approaching a McDonalds I turn the stereo down and say "Who wants me to buy them a soft serve from McDonalds?"
"Me!" they all scream.
"Hah, well fuck off." I reply, then turn the stereo back up louder.
I'll be making an awesome father.

No Update: No Update.

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It was Fathers Day and I went to Dad's for lunch during which I made the freudian slip "whack cunt" when I wasn't trying to say "whack cunt" at all I was just trying to think up homeboy names. Stupid brain doesn't work when I have to get up early for lunch and skip breakfast.
Then for dinner I ate two pork chops with roast potato and vegetables. The meal looked very appealing, and I was grateful. So I said grace. To car park god.
Last night at Craig's I had the numbers for two chicks, one called Stella, the other called Debbie. They were older women.
At midnight I called up Stella. I got her answering machine. I said: "Stella?.. STELLA? STELLA!"
Then I rang her friend Debbie, she answered. I said "Debbie?" She said "yes?" I yelled "DEBBIE?, DEBBIE?! DEBBIE!, STELLA!
Also today: Completed the piece of work I'm handing up as my Psych Assignment.

Ah, the parabola of life. It must be sloping on a positive gradient recently. Hopefully the local maximum is far away, or possibly y = x and things will get better continuously. Unlikely, if things kept getting better forever life would end up being boring and I'd never die. UNLESS death was like ascension, in which case I suppose it would be a continuation of the upwards slope and approach infinity positively.
So as I was trying to convey, maths is horrible and is the cause for much concern. The current Systems Programming is a bigint calculator in C and from the cheating we tried to do it seems that a bigint calculator is actually pretty hard to make. Proof of this was that it seems bigint calculator programs are sold. Mark and I think this because the Chinese release no-cd cracks for them. We're assuming that means that commercial bignt calculators are being released onto the market, or maybe the Chinese just like cracking things a lot and are cracking for the sake of it. Maybe my bigint calculator will be cracked by the Chinese! I could only dream of the joy, mainly the joy that would come from knowing that my bigint calculator actually worked and was therefore worth cracking. It would be great.
Yes, it was a warm, sunny day today, which further enhanced my mood. Nary a cloud in the sky when I arose around 11. The perfect weather for spending hours trying to program indoors.
Then I got home and cleaned my room.
Ah, cleaning your room. When you do this by choice it's such a cleansing activity. I discovered pieces of paper on my desk from October last year. Most of the stuff was more recent but that was cool. With the room tidier everything just seems brighter now, maybe because I got rid of that thick layer of dust...
(On my things or on my soul, you decide!... *hayfever*)
That said, Sam has a journal! I discovered the link to it from Ryan's Rants. The comment I made on it was "It's confirmation that Sam's life is what you thought it was like" - Brad. Which made Sam defensive about how he wasn't recording everything that happened to him. Then, to spite me, he refused to tell the Internet that I said goodnight to him. So I'll now stick it to him by telling the Internet myself:
[01:18] Sam: well, yeah. i'm going to bed.
[01:19] Sam: seeya later.
[01:19] Brad: "Then after talking to Brad online for a while about the site I went to bed at 1:20"
[01:19] Brad: "Brad said goodnight"
[01:19] Sam: none of this will be mentioned.
[01:19] Brad: Brad, one d
[01:19] Sam: i only mentioned ballard because, well, it was ballard. and we were talking for quite a while.
[01:20] Brad: oh i see how it is :(
[01:20] Sam: indeed.
[01:20] Sam: goodnight.

I walked to work and back tonight as well, I feel so healthy. It must be the Spring spring.
And that's the journal entry for today, I meant to share the tale of Hyuck Woman tonight but that will be saved for later.

I have so much shit to be working on and organising and getting out the way. It all has to be done by this saturday by 8pm. Examples include:

  • Comp Org Assignment
  • IT Craps Assignment
  • Systems Programming Test
  • Basketball Semi Final
  • Make a cake
  • Work Friday night
  • Make a costume
  • Decorate
  • Quiver in anticipation of ICC Cup.

Then, by 8pm Saturday it will not matter squat how much I've done or haven't done in these fields because they will all no longer be pressing issues. Instead they will either be "things I did right" or "things that I did wrong" and can just be memorised, categorised and neglected indefinately. From there, everything will be poppins.

Today involved way too much learning and uni. Other than basketball practice from 7-9pm I was doing uni and/or uniwork between midday and 2:30am. I did the IT Apps assignment. Mark and I spent four hours completeing the comp org assignment. We think we've completed it. We've completed it in the "all the questions have answers written next to them" sense of the word. Dan helped us, he's our new friend. He's a good kid. If you read this Dan, you're a good kid.
Today I went into uni for the midday lecture, something I do occasionally. Sure it meant getting up early, but I just had a fresh feeling and I felt like getting out of that rotten old, yet fresh and clean sheeted bed. Maybe it was because I was feeling so young and free that I decided today was a good day to get up early; maybe it's because I have an exam for that subject tommorow, who knows? It was worth it though, because I saw the aftermath of a car crash on Ring Road and watched a goon (in the tool sense of the word) push his hammered Selica off the road after he went too wide around the corner and smashed into the heavy bull bar of a loop bus. The loop bus was fine, I think I saw it driving around later that day.
Also of interesting note whilst driving into the uni was signs saying "information session" being held down by rocks and pointing, as I discovered along my journey, to the IT carpark. Now, being so flimsily attached to the ground I was contemplating how easy it would be to redirect whatever traffic was following these signs to somewhere of my choosing. Say, for example, a fucked up Selica. However getting up at 10:50am for a lecture means I'm damn well going to a lecture. And for all I know some BA student who only has completely worthless lectures to attend may have already done it and there was a chance I might accidently point the signs back to where they were supposed to be. Nevertheless, considering that the IT car park is usually full as a boot when there aren't signs guiding people too it, and as it was the middle of the day I decided that parking in the far car park was my best bet for a park. IT probably was full, but my mistake was regretted as I passed through closer parks during my frolic between my car and the lecture theatre and noticed a plethora of parks available. However, to my great joy it all worked out in the end. For, as I trundled from the IT building at 5:30pm back to my car it was during this longer than it should have been voyage that I was inspired. I baked up a short story concept on that trek that blew my mind in a non-literal sense. When I get a chance not to do coding for a while I will write this story. I already wrote a few paragraphs to get my existing ideas on paper and I tell you I'm quite excited about it.
The reason I was at Mark's working on the assignment is because we had another blackout.
And now it's time for me to [yet another adjective for walk] to my bed and lay my weary head to rest. First I'll rip the batteries out of this God forsaken devil clock as it's irregular ticking is driving me to flowery-language levels of insanity. Good night!

Thank. God. It's. Friday.

To evaluate here:
2002: Broken Leg.
2003: Unconcious.
2004: Neither.

Yeah, I'd say all up this has been the best boozing birthday to befall me. All things considered. Nevertheless it's 6:30am now and I'd say that's about time to go to sleep.

Well there's plenty of stuff to detail but I only got five hours sleep last night so it can wait. I planned to do some writing today but instead I installed the new hardware into my computer, or more accurately, took some of my old hardware out of my computer and put it in a new one. Now I should probably invest in some software that actually makes use of this hardware... Ah well.
Yeah, I'm pretty tired, and because I've got a break from assignments for a while I'm also pretty relaxed so I'm just going to go to bed now and hopefully be more alert tommorow.

I notice that when I don't have any assignments that are due soon the days are much more boring and drawn out. However if you'd think that makes it easier for me to do the things I want/need to do you are wrong.
Also why is it always the fat people who ask me at work why we don't have a particular product in a tube?

Things to write:

  • Domain Name Reigstration Form
  • Party Wrap up
  • Goolwa Wrap up
  • In the Kitchen With Brad: Novelty Cakes episode
  • 'Catch it' romantic short story
  • assignments and shit, probably
  • Amusing, SE Inspired Tale

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that as of 5:30 yesterday I'm on mid-semester break. Incredible.
Last nigh at work also exhibits the complete disdain in which the roster change forms are held in. This formal document, which requires a name, date, start time, finish time and then a signature has to be filled out every time you work a shift. After about three weeks you quickly realise that your signature doesn't really have to resemble your real signature, or even a believable signature. Usually people just do a squiggle, and the people who use this sheet to determine how much cold hard business cash we get just accept that. This night, however, yielded funnier results as Mark began, and everyone followed by signing their names with their singlet number in pro-athlete signature style. I signed off with my aisle number: ”#6”. The world doesn't get treated seriously anymore.
Also I found out that I finished in the top 5 players for the season in Basketball. I don't know where exactly, I could possibly win it. Winners are announced tommorow. That shows how poorly my team did in not voting me best and fairest. For shame. The umpires have always been the best at making decisions I've always said.

Last night I was at a LAN, today I have a pink thumbernail, tonight I was at Josh's house doing hilarious hi-jinx with Craig's morals, the events of which can't be represented accurately via print.

Midsized Rant on patheticness of Adelaide nightlife would go here had the Sims 2 not been an addictive game.
Uhh... the two subjects in that sentence should be read as related.

No Update: The Sims 2 is an addictive game.
Although I will mention that I overtook an L Plated driver tonight. He was driving 40 in a 60 and braking unnecissarily around corners. As I overtook him I leant out my open window and yelled 'Learn to Drive!'

I was the only person to turn up to work on time tonight. Afterwards I bought a box of OT's because they were on special. I buy cereal pretty regularly after work on Tuesday night. I think it confuses the checkout staff. When asked why I always buy so much cereal I'd reply ”sometimes bathing in milk gets boring”.
Otherwise today was spent on the Internet and watching cricket. I need to do some homework these holidays but I keep treating stuff like Summer and just staying up late watching movies and then sleeping until 2pm. Stupid 30 Degree day are tricking me into a false sense of security.

I realise that the more recent journal entries have been short and shitty. Fact of the matter is, I've been doing crap all this week. Pretty much every day has consisted of getting up about 1, doing some weights/exercise, shower, breakfast + passions, shooting a basketball for a while, work, internet, bed. I know realise why the last summer journal did so poorly in terms of content. I need to start doing stuff. I'm working nine hour days next week for four days, then on Friday it seems like I'll be going on a road trip for the weekend. So, considering, I should probably have started doing some of the five assignments I need to do these holidays. I looked at all of them today and said ”no, that's easy enough to put off for another day”, which is what I said yesterday. The unfortunate thing about my brain is that when I know I'm putting off big things I refuse to undertake any other projects either, because I get conflict errors saying ”this time investment could be better spent doing assignments.” So I just fuck around, even when I realise I'm sitting at my computer and I have absolutely nothing to do nor do I have anything I want to do. In the Sims the house I'm managing has a Brad Representation character. He is like me. While the other people have aspirations like ”Get promoted”, ”Gain a level in mechanical skill”, ”make friends with Poppy”, ”Buy a Fridge worth over $1000” the Brad character has aspirations like ”Eat a bowl of cereal”. My God. Sometimes when I eat the bowl of cereal it generates another aspiration randomly and it's ”eat a bowl of cereal” again. HOW DOES IT KNOW? I have the urge to play some cricket again. Good news is it's raining again, so my brain should get untricked about which holidays it is now and start doing some homework. And do it well. Fortunately I haven't played FreeCell or SNES Cricket very much at all in the last few weeks so procrastination could be low, or at least more diverse. This journal is now 250kb so sorry about that diallup people. I'll use new coding for the next one. Stay sharp.

No Update: Early Night.

Last night I went to bed at midnight. I don't know why because I got up at 1pm but I was just feeling tired. I fell asleep, woke up at 2:30pm, thought ”crap, I'm not going to be able to get back to sleep”, looked at the clock again and it was 5:30. I usually go to sleep at this time and here I was half way through the night. I then spent another 40 minutes trying to get back to sleep. I had some seriously fucked up dreams, lots of them. Nothing worth noting though. Oh, except that Vivek came to my party a few weeks ago and I hugged him though he was displeased by that and he gave me 15 M&Ms.
I slept 10 hours and probably would've slept more except Steve came round and yelled at me to wake up and let him in, so I did. Then I watched some episodes of Micallef Programme Season Deux then went and played Cricket in the nets with Mark, Happy and Chow. Ah, so poor.
Then I worked 3 hours of perishables followed by 3 hours of nightfill. After the whole day my feet hurt. Here are some nightfill insights for my benefit more than yours:

  • Tuna cans make good aisle lawn bowls.
  • When you crash your flat top into someone elses flat top which they have left untended on the side of an aisle it is polite to leave a note with your name and insurance information.
  • Don't believe it when someone is doing a deep face up and has their hand reaching to the back of the shelf and then pretends to get ”sucked in” by a creature and knocks a whole fuckload of cans onto the ground.
  • Finding all the products in the store that cost 69cents isn't immature. Neither is taking them all to a checkout, waiting for the receipt that says ”69” 31 times and then winking suggestively and saying ”how about it?”. Running away giggling without paying is also the responsible thing to do.
  • Permanent-Part Time? Fuck that Shit you Mother Fuckers.

No Update: In the Black

Fun night yesterday. First of all Port won the premiership and though I usually hate Port, man, they really wanted it. It was a good game and Port were deserved winners. Nice on them.
The night began at home, where I watched the start of the ICC Champions Trophy Final. Whilst watching I got a call about going into town so I set up the tape for the rest of the match then went into town. At the Wakefield there was Jarrad's band, Goedecke's gathering and $3 pints. Josh and I were sharing rounds. He bought the first which revealed their immense cheapness. I went up to buy the second, give a $20 note, receive $44 change + two pints and realise that luck is smiling on me tonight. 9 Pints + a free one from Josh later and an entertaining time in the Wakefield comes to and end and we decided to get a Yiros. I use the beer as an excuse to act like a twat and generally amusing events follow. Also I have no idea how to light a ciggerette even though a bus driver told me how. I taught Chow to sing the Bulldogs theme song, the others got their Yiros' then we left town, I with more money in my pocket than when I had arrived. At the end of the night we sat around at Craig's and I ate some of his Special K and then I went home.
Today I went to Burrett's for a while, came home, watched the end of an awesome game of cricket and then went to bed. Good times.

Oh man I was so close to doing some homework today. So close. Goddamn you!

I worked for twelve hours today. Filling stuff off flat tops pretty much the whole time. There are a large amount of strange people working in the store for the refit. I don't know why, but I hate them. I'm aware that they're doing a good job and they're probably completely normal people, but I despise them and I have to make an effort to restrain myself from undermining them for no reason. Why do I hate them? My guess is it's something purely instinctual. They're in my territory and the animal left within wants them out.
They're slowly, cancerously making their way through the store. They've started and finished work in Aisle 1, 2 and 3. Today they worked more in aisle 3, 4, 5 and 8. Aisle 6, my aisle, is still there. When I left tonight it was still as it'd always been. It's a stronghold, a final refuge from the sweeping plague of refit. It will not be able to hold out. I already know that when I arrive at work tomorrow, it will not be the same.
Cracks are already appearing in the fortress walls. Two trolley's worth of lines that have been deemed unneeded for the new, refut Woolworths were taken off the shelves and put towards the back of the store near the fridge with reduction stickers on them. When I saw those mayonnaises and salad dressings piled in that trolley I suddenly knew what it's like to be the commander of an army and to see hundreds of my soldiers die at once. It's like a graveyard there, in between the yogurts and the cheeses along the back. Trolleys and racks of unwanted stock or stock being transferred piled up in innumerable trolleys with big ”Reduced!” signs on them. Customers were picking through them all day; Scavengers.
Is this what my life is for? To place too much importance on shitty nightfill whilst listening to the Matrix: Revolutions score? Everything I try and do these days seems to be categorised into things for now and things for tomorrow. When I turned 20 it did become tomorrow, and now I'm doing things for tomorrow and things for the next day. It seems less and less likely that I'm going to achieve anything prolific in my lifetime. Thing is, that just motivates me more. Motivates me to want to achieve more, not motivates me to strive to achieve more. I should probably do something about that. Thing is, I'm actually only writing this dramatic journal entry to avoid doing homework.

I got to work today at 9pm and my aisle was still intact. Every other aisle had been attacked, some were wounded, some killed. Some of them were corpses beyond recognition. Mine was fine though. Perhaps... perhaps this was the miracle I'd spent hours praying for to car park god; that somehow I would be spared.
It was all a cruel joke. They were just waiting for me to get there so they could tear her apart while I watched. They gutted her, pulled out her insides and did so while laughing and listening to upbeat music. It was all I could do not to just go home and hang myself.
I also did homework today, which I suppose is good but just makes today worse.

Aisle 6 is dead to me. Dead! Long live New Sixtopia, aka aisle 7.
From there I can hear the new manager tell the nightfill manager that he doesn't like people who wear hats. And I can hear the guy in aisle 8 falling in love with the model on the hair colouring box and keep talking to her.
Going to Melbourne now...