Clean and Groomed Once More

Here's an update.
It was the coldest February day in 50 years today. In fact, the summer days haven't been hot like normal this summer. It seems to spiral into showers and storms after only a few days of intense heat. So logically the summer nights haven't been hot and steamy either. Not just in terms of weather, as previously mentioned, but also romanticly. Not that this is a particularly bothering issue I just thought it would be a good idea to point out the irony. I mean, hey, I'm a realist. I know that if I want to find a girl again then she probably won't be found setting up MYSQL and PHP and IIS and registering domain names and pulling my hair out as I try and configure all of these things on a system that I need to format badly (primarily so I can reinstall my Virus Protection so that it can be used again without prompting me to register it "now!").
Ah, it's too hard to get lonely in Summer, what with the Cricket being on every day. Sometimes there's two games on a day, and darned if that doesn't make me feel a little bit guilty.
Also, in web designing news I have to announce that I have given up on ripping on Ryan with my brilliantly conceived yet poorly executed parody of his website, which I called "Ryan's Pants".

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If you met yourself from the future, what would you ask your future self?
What if they wont tell you anything?

Confused and Angry

It's Summer, yet it's really cold. Cold winds continually bring chilly air into my room and shake my calendar around. I'm trying to work out if this month's pumped up down under girl's super-erect nipples are related to the cold weather, or visa versa.
Speaking of trying to work things out, it is way too hard to find all the files you need to get youth allowance from the government. Seriously way too hard. I didn't expect getting free money to be so tasking, and require so many searches through my poorly sorted filing system (hey, an empty carton full of receipts counts as a filing system). Why do I need to find all these files for Centrelink? Can't they just ring up all the organisations and institutions and find the information out for themselves. Why does everyone have to be so lazy? If everyone was more dilligent like me then I would be sitting around getting free money a lot sooner!

All Tuckered Out

Wow, that was awesome. Will update today with details while my ears are ringing:
On second thoughts, fuck it, I'll update tommorow when I'm not tired and my ears stop ringing...

OK I started it waiting for the cricket:
(Now linked above).

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Big Day Out! (Review!)

Today's mood is actually the mood from Friday. That's ok, because pretty much all I did today was write the Big Day Out Review. It took about 5 hours. The days before this have been spent writing copius amounts of php code. Everything is coming together nicely.
Finally, last night Chow and I cooked this, for an In the Kitchen with Brad article. This is just a preview.


This might only seem funny to me because I've spent so much time programming today, but I think I will send random people postcards with my return address on them. And I will write on them "PING".

Reading Things

I read Sam's journal and he hasn't updated it for 8 days. By posting this I can morally criticise this behaviour.
Oh, and to further do stuff to make Sam look bad, click here.
Not only that but today I also got a new pair of sunglasses. Also in news, I left my phone at the school at 7pm after playing basketball. I realised this at 3am when I had to look in my phone to make sure that my phone number started with a zero, because it all of a sudden seemed strange that it would. One panicked run later and, yes, my number starts with a zero.


Last night I slept without a doona. It's summer, well, for the time being it's Summer, yet I'd say I could count on my fingers the number of times I've slept without a doona since December 1st.
This morning I woke up very excited. Like, more excited than normal. You know. Also I woke up without a doona. Point is, today was the day I'd been waiting for with anticipation for weeks. Months, maybe, I don't know. How long has it been since the Australian Open?
Anyway, that was when Channel 7 neglected to continue showing Arrested Development, and since that time my appetite for this genius television program has been unsatisfiable. February 23rd has been scheduled as the release date for the first season box set, and though I've dreaded this week because it's close to uni starting, I've also longed for it because I wanted that Box Set. That is, I needed that box set. So I woke up early, at midday, and I was very excited. This was followed by 15 minutes of excited napping before I got up, went to Marion and began my hunt for Arrested Development on DVD for the lowest price I could find. It was everywhere, fortunately, and I went to the following places (in order of cost) Sanity, EzyDVD, JB, BigW. I touched it at Sanity, and I bought it at BigW for $39.85 minus Woolworths discount. Let it also be noted that I wore a shirt with a collar today for the specific purpose of making this purchase.
Seeing that the government also gave me $146 dollars for no real reason I spent some more money on 'Emotional Technology' by BT, tickets to Regurgitator and Shihad and a 10 pack of blank DVDs. Then I got home, watched the first of three DVDs, cooked Moroccan Chicken, went to work and then watched the Second DVD. Tomorow... I will... I don't know... maybe do some star jumps...


I've got some throat infection and it's making these days very uncomfortable. Alongside the general discomfort and nausea from over-snacking on Strepsils, I had to work tonight. I didn't have to; after all I am a little sick. However I heroically battled on and struggled into work and did my share for the team so that I could save my sick days for nights that I wasn't sick and could take proper advantage of them. Work went ok. The music is really loud down my aisle. The music is really urban at Woolworths. Combined with the headache and congestion, the never-ending stream of RnB got to me. It crawled into my skin and clawed at my brain and the inside of my eyes. It's never been that bad before. I swear RnB is going to be the Asbestos of the 21st century and it's going to turn out that when you listen to it it actually breaks down into powder and eats away at your internal organs as you grow older.
Arriving home and still feeling sickly, I did my best to shake the RnB from my system. The Bulldogs beat the Saints, and this was a good antidote. Closer to bed time I got the feeling that my mouth was missing something. It was a similar situation to when you're eating a meal and you think it's missing something that would give it perfect flavour. Except I wasn't eating anything. But I still felt that what I wasn't eating needed some Horseradish Cream. Knowing that my nose and throat were so thickly coated with mucus that I could probably handle whatever taste could throw at me, I ventured to the kitchen, opened the jar, stuck in my pinkie and started eating it. It made my ears pop and it tasted good. Don't get me wrong, I really like Horseradish Cream anyway, but something about it tonight made it taste so much better than it already did. Not positive, but it was possibly because I was licking it off my own salty finger. My thirst for flesh clenched, I left the kitchen, and then went back five minutes later for more.