Today's day at uni made me feel smart.
First up I was a demonstrator for my very first CP1 lab session. It started incredibly nonchalantly and continued in that manner for the whole two hours. However in the process I didn't get stumped by any questions and maybe changed some lives out there.
Later in the day I went to my two hour English: Writing and Designing for the web lab. I'd heard that this was going to be a basic overview of Dreamweaver and Photoshop and therefore hopefully something I'd be able to knock off in about 15 minutes and then head to the tavern to kill the rest of the session. Unfortunately the practical was more demonstrated than practiced and, instead of leaving, I just sat at my computer pretending to listen while I wrote this for some reason. It's fun, there's a random in there.
Finally the day ended with a successful White Australia Policy being enforced for our group. One of the side effects of that was Dan being drafted into our group! THE BAND IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER

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The woman with the fake tan stepped into my office, sat across from my desk and lit a cigarette.
At least, she would, sometime in the next 20 minutes. Smelling the future has advantages, but precision isn’t one of them.


Tonight was pretty good. After being a demonstrator for my second lab ever in the afternoon, and then spending the money I earned in that lab on readers for lectures I will never go to, I was confronted with more money in the evening. I earned $45 fixing a neighbours computer and then proceeded to have a good night in town to see Pendulum with that specific money. I visited Josh's new place and had a few drinks before catching the train in, then we got to Earth and lined up. I finally got home at around 5am. Worst part of the night was probably never actually getting in to see Pendulum but other than that pretty good. I got Subway on my way out and the girl gave me extra meatballs.


It was the third test tonight. I spent the whole time focused on it. It was a great game. I was tense throughout. I think we did a lot of things right, but in the end, no one came away with victory.
I don't know if I can keep going through these close encounters without losing my sanity.

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It was a cracking evening tonight. I stepped outside at around 7:30pm and was taken aback by the lack of chill in the air. What was it instead? Slight warmth. Delightful.
Enough time has passed since last summer to allow all the negative things that happened during it, small and large, to be mostly forgotten. Therefore I only remember the good bits now and I remember them fondly. What a great time!
Week 4 of Semester 2 is already over, and that leaves only another four weeks until my next break. That will go quickly, then the last couple of weeks of semester, then SWOTVAC and exams and soon as you know it I'll be thinking to myself 'I've forgotten all the bad parts about last summer and now I look back on it in fondness' once more.


It was another stomping night tonight, glorious. I was seriously actually buzzing even after losing basketball because the air was just so pleasant.
But after I left Emily's, it was raining.


Not a very busy weekend was had, but it was pretty good. It marked the end of another relationship for me, Emily. Other than that it was quiet.
We lost basketball again on Saturday, the fourth loss in a row in the league. It wasn't all bad though as it was a physical game so I enjoyed myself plenty. Right at the end I also got to break up a fight. Not exactly a common occurrence yet not really noteworthy either, except for the excellent segue it provided me for on the phone with Emily.
"How was my day? Pretty quiet, yeah we lost basketball but I got to break up a fight! Oh, speaking of breaking up..."
Seriously though, I don't understand why girls take break-ups so personally.
This evening I spent sifting through 1700 photos my camera has taken since May 2003 for my 21st photo board. I know usually the responsibility for that goes to someone other than the guest of honour, but of the 1700 photos there are probably one or two that mum shouldn't see. She's doing the rest. I told her I wanted a photo board that was bigger than all my friends. I think that's because I really like myself.
Just the last 28 months of my life that those photos cover, they make me smile. My life's been pretty good lately and I think it's made me a little less depressed about turning 21. But in a week, I'm almost 22!

Under New Management

During some spare time today, by which I mean procrastinating during homework, I was writing some database queries and found that I'm averaging about 10 entries a month this year. Compare this to August last year when I wrote 31 entries. Sure, some of them were of such high quality as:

Sunday August 8th 2004
What the hell happened to today?

But most of them were pretty good. Another interesting fact:

August 2004: 9,000 words
August 2005: 900 words

I don't know what work I think I've done that makes me think I can deprive the internet of that much of my brilliant life, but I apologise and I will make up for it, I promise.
I know this sounds empty, and irrelevant to your lives, and that this entry will most likely be bumped downwards in over a weeks time when I get home from someone's house drunk and talk about how I'm reheating a small self-saucing pudding to eat before I pass out. But it's not. After all, it's almost Spring! Spring is a time for change, for new life, for laughter and for longer and more frequent journal entries.
Just think about it for a moment, everything is developing. I'm almost 21, I'm single again... I plan on doing new things, on meeting new people. I'm positive there have to be some hot, thin girls out there that also have insecurities. The internet is my oyster, and I'm going to write on it a lot.


The changes keep on coming, and as of 5pm today my week officially changed into "weekend".
This entry is strongly motivated by last night's entry, which was about me doing things and things being new. I think this was highlighted perfectly by yesterdays avatar, which was new and also a screen cap taken by me. I actually photographed my TV for that one, which is why it's all glary.
I've also been thinking about why I was able to write so much stuff last year, but find less motivation for writing this year. Surely last year was no more functionally interesting than this? Perhaps so, because as I perused those past entries I stumbled upon this one and was immediately set upon by a mood to tell that story. So in fact not only is my journal for this year getting shorter, but my journal for last year is getting longer.
The other night I also remembered events from the past, in this case the ING Super Saver account I signed up for several months ago under the influence of a free $123 just for registering. I checked it and it seemed my decision had been vindicated with not only the free $123 being in there, but also 1 (one) whole dollar of interest. Based on this I decided to transfer $500 more into the account from my normal bank account, to see if I could generate maybe $2 by next month. I've been thinking seriously about this whole savings thing. After all, I'm not getting any younger and my financial future is at stake here. I'm even considering having my welfare paid directly into it.


For my birthday I got

  • From Replacement Dad a carton of beer
  • The opportunity to wake up at 9am to drive my mum to the airport, then drive back alone albeit with breakfast
  • From God a nice sunny day
  • From my Nan a card with a cheque in it, a cheque with more writing on it than the card did
  • From basketball, the other team being a player short and a free victory
  • From my friends, free drinks
  • From my liver, a hangover far less severe than what I deserved
  • From Woolworths, who remembered, a special on two ice coffees
  • From Dad, new speaker system. Old big one on left, new awesome one on right. Nothing to photograph to compare the new sub to.
    Christened sound system with Underworld song "Little Speaker".


My first Saturday night as a 21 year old panned out along pretty much the same lines as my last night as a 20 year old. Tonight my arse did hurt a lot though because I got a corky in basketball. Which we lost.
I wasn't expecting too much to change in the seven days between saturday nights. I've been so busy the last few days with birthday things and birthday jokes and birthday binge drinking that it actually slipped my mind that I was 21 until I was working out tonight whether or not it was worth checking out the chick driving a car with P-Plates in front of me. In the end I decided it was, and it wasn't worth it. But only because she was ugly.
However, I am different on my first Saturday night at 21 than I was during my first Saturday night at 20. Change is a gradual thing. Like a blossoming teenager one day you wake up with a sore back from your breasts that a year ago you didn't even know you'd start growing. But that was high school, and I'm so over that part of my life now.


I didn't leave the house today. I wish Aleem Dar had done the same thing.
For me it was part of my do homework and save money on petrol plan. Not a good day for sport.

Spring Cleaning

I finished my last subject today, wearing only a shirt and jeans in the warm weather, and walked up the hill to my car passing several swarms of butterflies and pollen.
"What a nice day!" I said to myself, still slightly elated with my completion of my English Find-a-Word game that I'd just spent the lecture playing.
After starting my car, killing several butterflies accidentally and then getting home it was still nice so I had myself an Ice Coffee (see Friday's entry) and then decided now was the time for some Spring Cleaning.
It originally only started as changing my sheets and vacuuming my room, but somehow I got carried away and no sooner than I knew it I'd pulled everything out of my room and was Mr. Sheening every wood surface I could find.
Eight hours passed, some of them spent divulging in past life documentation that I'd uncover but most of them being spent moving and cleaning. Eventually it got to 2am and I realised that my bed base was covered in junk, my mattress was in the living room and all my bed linen was in the cupboard still. So I decided to post a journal entry.
My room is still very messy and there is a lot of new stuff everywhere. I think this happened because about an hour into Spring Cleaning there was thunder then lightning and then lots of rain. I knew I should have held off two more days!
Two of my favourite things to find during the clean were lecture notes from past semesters. The first being one where on the back Mark, Ryan and I played three player connect FOUR. I won.
The second lecture note had a diagram of many java beans in a java bean pool having a glorious time swimming and being watched by a java bean lifeguard. On the back there were 3 games of hangman. One was the word "Huzzah" which is a very hard word to get in hangman but Ryan got it. There is "HI RYAN WE ARE PLAYING HANGMAN" which Ryan also got. Then I made a four letter one and put it in front of Dave and he wrote "FUCK OFF PLEASE" on the paper and the word was "BEAN" so he got two letters right and surprisingly didn't die but then I only counted each letter once and there is three F's in that.


Despite gale-force winds, hail and more thunder, my spring cleaning finished off today quite well. Interestingly enough I have turned my room into a den. I didn't plan this, nor do I understand how it happened but now when I look at my room I just think "den".
One of the greatest things about rearranging your room is waking up facing in a new direction. Something about it just makes life seem more exciting. When I went to bed last night I thought there was no possible way I could rearrange my room in a way that would meet all my requirements based on jacks/sockets/ports, glare and bed-television visibility. Defeated after 8 hours of cleaning and tidying last night, I collapsed into bed on an angle hoping that the new degree of sleeping coupled with my alarm clock being on my shelf now instead of my bookshelf might provide me with the joy I wanted of waking up with a different room.
It didn't work, and in fact I slept badly, dreamt about waking up to many times and took about an hour to fall asleep in the first place. I was concerned during that process, fearing I'd inadvertently collapsed some Feng Shui compatibility my room once had by moving my VCR, evicting a bookshelf and vacuuming up a lot of small, dead bugs.
Things have changed since then, and I don't know about Feng Shui anymore, but I do know that my jocks draw is right next to my bedroom door and on the way to the shower from bed, this will give me an excuse to spend precious more seconds in bed. And that's weird and Asian enough for me.