- I tend to do about 50% of my prose in lists
- Usually I have a couple of points to get across and I pad them into sentences. Although Other times I do possesses a narrative swing.
- When I write things in lists I can get information across effectively and I don't give up on things I have to say because I can't shepherd the words right.
- I think I'll post in dot point form from now on.

Things I haven't seen this year until May
- Frost
- Mud
- Baby grass, which looks so cute and small compared to the adult grass that survived summer
- My ugg boots
- Pink Lady apples at less than $5 a kilo
- Second round of NBA playoffs

This evening's hand free workout
- Warm Up (walk home from work, bring in washing)
- Single Leg step-ups x22
- Prone Hold 52secs
- Sumo Squats x14
- Single Leg Calf Raise x22
- Side bridges 37secs
- Standing Supermans
- Lunges x14
- Single Leg Glute Bridge 35secs
- Sit Ups x30
- Repeat whole thing two more times
- Cool Down/Stretch

Things to look at/buy Tomorrow
- More scientific pilates mat
- Weighted vest
- Deep heat for IT Band
- Taco mix and Tacos

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The woman with the fake tan stepped into my office, sat across from my desk and lit a cigarette.
At least, she would, sometime in the next 20 minutes. Smelling the future has advantages, but precision isn’t one of them.

Good Day

I had a pretty good day today. Right before I left work Burge messaged me and offered me a ride home and I thought this would be a good opportunity to transport the mountain of empty Pepsi Max cans on my desk to my recycling side-business.

Things That Made Me Smile Today
- Actually getting to spend all day programming.. at my job as a programmer;
- My girlfriend using 26 exclamation marks to tell me she loves me;
- Carrying a big shopping bag of empty cans down Hindley Street towards Burge's car and having homeless people swarm about me on their bikes like hungry seagulls;
- Smashing through 650 calories on the bike in half an hour of extreme hills, then using remaining energy to palm my new basketball.

More Basketball Merchandise I might like to buy
- Headband
- Shooting Sleeve
- An NBA jersey, but who...

NBA players whose name I'd like to wear, partly because I admire them and partly because I think we're similar
- Wallace, Pistons
- Duncan, Spurs
- Bonner, Spurs
- Miller, Bulls
- Boozer, Jazz
- Shaq, Phoenix
- Rondo, Celtics
- Nash, Phoenix


Now that it's getting winter I am starting to decide that Deep Heat is The Shit. Apart from the fact that using it makes porridge or soup smell like Deep Heat after. It makes my knee feel better though.

My Major Health Concerns as of May 2009
- Wrist;
- Back;
- Knee/ITB;
- That weird lump near my left hip;
- Pain in the bottom of my right foot when doing calf raises;
- Going blind/deaf due to contemporary mediums of entertainment;
- Swine Flu.

Raw Fruit and Nut Combinations That Taste Good Together In My Mouth
- Pink Lady Apple and Almonds;
- Banana and Cashews;
- Raspberries and Peanuts.

Metaphors for my constantly scattered thoughts
- Like puzzle pieces with half-images I'm going to come back to;

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I don't think my entire work takes the IT industry seriously anymore

Today HR sent out an email saying that the Corporate Presentation Policy was being downgraded to now allow denim jeans and shirts with no major logo on them.
My work now has a more relaxed dress code than Blackwood High School.

There's no way I'm going to work in jeans though! I'm pretty sure this is a trick to see who is coasting and then retrench them! I'll be there at 9:15 tomorrow morning in my polo and slacks.



Where Amazing Happens

In my mind there's barely a penumbra between Kanye West and Kobe Bryant. Aside from egos I have no idea why.

If you accidentally close a tab in Firefox - like, say, - you can press ctrl + shift + T to have it appear again. Any comment on a journal entry you were writing when you accidentally closed it you'll have to type again.

It's been Autumn for like a week. Before this it was just like a cold, drizzly summer but since I got back from Townsville every single leaf I walk past is like "Shit!" and commits Hari Kari.

I wasn't able to postpone my job decision between an uncreative yet well paying position and a slightly less stifling yet much less compensated position beyond tomorrow.

Tomorrow I also get to see my wrist surgeon again for him to have a 30 second marvel at his handiwork and then hopefully sending me off to rehab.

I also get to interview rock stars this week.

I got fan mail today!

I walked above the railway tracks on a frosty morning on my way to the Rip It Up office where I had an appointment for my first ever phone interview with a famous band.
The famous band in question is Pennsylvania's Settle, who aren't actually at a level of fame where I'd would put it past them finding this entry by googling their own name. But they were in another country and they have a Wikipedia page so I was excited!
I got to the office early to await my incoming phone call, so I checked my pigeon hole where CDs for review appear and inside was a pink envelope addressed to me. Inside was a somewhat homemade greeting card commending me for my week's past review of the new Bedroom Philosopher album. I was given a bit of personal acclaim in this card, although I receive most of that praise as proxy for the Bedroom Philosopher as my fan was really just his fan. But still, it was my first ever fan mail! It was like a journal comment x100!

My interview then went quite smoothly, and on my way out I collected the latest issue to find another of my reviews in the back pages and I all of a sudden felt a little bit like an actual writer, even though I'm more of an actual IT professional who just has a blog and got serendipitous access to writing reviews. I decided I would start a list of all the things I had published and put it in a public place to hopefully motivate me to get more things published. That list is now available here:

I went back as far as a week for content. But now I'm going to concentrate on adding as many new things as I can.
I was going to make a .NET page for this site to add my achievements to, but I don't do .NET anymore.