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This week, after Sydney got a little cold overnight we decided to go here:

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It was beautiful and sunny in Adelaide. We traveled over because we hadn't been in SA for about a month, and I needed to find this:

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Actually, that's not true, and my plan to drink a Farmers Union Feel Good Ice Coffee was foiled when I didn't buy one.

We actually came for Vanessa to officially graduate from here:

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Vanessa had to dress in entertaining robes and a floppy hat and receive her PHD certificate from academics in even more decadent robes and funny hats.

PHD Cookie:

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Then we took in love photos because we are in love!!!!

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Typical Sydney

After another week of Sydney rain the skies cleared for the weekend and Vanessa and I spent Sunday walking around the city. Despite being here for over a year there is still so many "Sydney" places we have not been to yet. We caught the train to Central Station and walked from there to Moore Park and looked at the SCG. After the EQ Sunday Markets we then walked up Oxford Street and lost our Max Brenner virginity in Paddington. I also found a hardback copy of Shaun Micallef's Preincarnate in a second hand book-store/cafe for $10!

After a break in Hyde Park we started walking in the direction of Pyrmont to visit the Sydney Fish Markets. One of the nice things about Sydney and its surrounds is the abundance of cool animals, birds and fish to see and hear. I was really looking forward to the ocean breeze of Pyrmont bay and seeing all the fish doing their shopping at the fish markets, buying dehydrated food flakes and tiny castles before returning back to the ocean.

The Sydney Fish Markets is not a supermarket for fish! This was immediately obvious when I walked in and saw thousands and thousands of dead fish and no cute underwater fish trolleys.