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If you met yourself from the future, what would you ask your future self?
What if they wont tell you anything?

Could Have Been Worse

Had to come up with dinner tonight using fridge randoms.

image 1452 from bradism.com

After frying it all up it smelt like a baked beans pizza.

image 1453 from bradism.com

Garnish with some Parmesan cheese.

Should have used the Ham Sauce baked beans.

Should have used the Ham Sauce baked beans.

10 Years (2)

It was on this date exactly ten years ago that I made my first official post on Bradism.com. Prior to that all my entries had been made manually by editing HTML in notepad and uploading it via FTP.

Yes, I know this jubilee seems kind of reminiscent of my 10 years of journaling in 2011 - when I first created that html file in notepad - but it's kind of different too. Like how the AFL celebrated its centenary in 1996 and then celebrated 150 years of AFL in 2008.

The second most frequent question I receive about Bradism is "When is the book coming out?" Well, for the first time I have an answer, 2016! Obviously I was aiming for today... but things have been busy lately. Surely my continuing ascent into my thirties will offer me more time to trawl through the Bradism archives for best-of content than my late twenties did, right?

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I saw the show "Leo" at the Fringe tonight.

It was an incredible hour featuring a solo performance of amazing, acrobatic feats of balance and endurance. The human body, pushed to its limits.

Obviously the Menagerie venue's seating was not designed for people of my proportions.

Height Issues

I kind of want to climb Mount Everest. Due to my above average height, and the movement of tectonic plates, I could claim to have been the highest person on the world.
But I know the moment I do it some Sherpa is going to use my backpack like a step-ladder, clamber onto my shoulders and steal my glory, leaving me with little recourse and an awkward silence the whole way back home.

Bad Taste

We've officially reached that point in the year where I have to remember which flavours of Cup a Soup I like. And I have to use the BOM radar to plan my runs.