The only guaranteed way to give Nash a good brushing is to wait for her to fall asleep. Because she lies in a nook this means you can only brush one side, leaving her smooth and slinky on one half of the butt, and matted and frizzy on the other. The effect of this is when you let her loose in the dog park the next day is a lot of sideways movement and if the conditions are right, some reverse swing.


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I feel compelled to complete the One ( which started on May 19, 2021 and has only ramped up since then. Sometimes when I go for a walk in the last light after sunset after doing eight plus hours of computering I reflect on the last year and all the stretching and rehab and medical bills I endured.

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Winter is over! As well as another three months of me making a video every day.

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After nine days of driving, relaxing, hiking and driving some more today I reached what most certainly was the furthest point of the road trip. From Lower Beechmont I drove up the very long, extremely windy Lamington National Park Road to Green Mountains - an experience both twisty and magnificent.

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18-37: If you want to get stronger you need to keep increasing the weight. Otherwise your body will just be good at squatting 50kg. 37 onwards: It would be awesome to be good at squatting 50kg...

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