Cloud Fishing

Because I work in a giant call centre I commonly have to fight for a microwave in the kitchenette against overweight people. At lunch today while I waited to stick my tupperware tub into the next available oven a larger woman next to me said something I hear often when I have my lunch out.
"Wow, that looks healthy!"

What she was referring to was my fry up of chicken, capsicum, celery and four bean mix, on a bed of Basmati rice. And the only reason people think it "looks healthy" is because it has beans in it.

"I never eat beans," she said. "I didn't know you could have beans, in like, meals. I thought they only went in salads."

I believed that. Then she left, and I microwaved my lunch for five minutes and thirty seconds on medium-high.

Later, I left work for the 500 metre walk to my car - because paying $40 a month for an uncovered car park in the middle of summer just seems call centre lazy. And, I figure if there is a day it looks like bucketing permanently then I'll work from home.

Once my eyes adjusted to the light the part of my brain which keeps prattling on about becoming a photographer pointed out to me how nice the clouds looked. They were like individual, suspended round blobs with rain that I'll never see giving them a nice shading around the bottom. Clouds are really important when taking photos of landscapes, because otherwise a third of your photo is super boring.

I drove home and then did some run throughs with Vanessa under an artfully cloudy sky. Next I did bunch of stretching and finally I emerged with my camera to take some photos with clouds in them. At this point I discovered the clouds had gone. Where did they go? I don't know. In the sky there was only cloudy streaks left, like the finished tray of self-saucing chocolate pudding. Except not brown.

image 647 from

The moral of this story is that if you decide to rush somewhere to take a photo of sunset clouds you should have an idea of a good place to go beforehand. Because racing around in a car trying to beat nature may feel a bit like being in Twister, but most times it won't get you a very good spot to take photos from.


Annie I hate the "wow, that looks healthy" comment. I think it's impertinent, a bit like "Oh, are you on a diet?" or "oh you're being good!"
February 9 2010 - Like
Chow Cool, looks like we had the same idea Brad! Sunsets are nice.
February 9 2010 - Like
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