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Last night when thinking about work today I had this feeling that I realise now was excitement. In October I left my desk in town for what I thought would be the last time after being transferred to a suburban cubicle farm inside a building that looked like a minimum security prison. This week I got a day pass to return to city office life after being moved to help on a different project. I walked into town in less time than it takes me to drive to work usually and I felt positive. That was despite the fact I sweated so much that yesterday's moisturiser started coming out my face.

Working in a city just feels so purposeful. Like there is a net of human energy that lingers within the terraces. And it has coffee shops you can walk to for decent coffee. And it's full of characters. And the buildings have windows! I freaking love windows. It's so inspiring to look out a window and see buildings full of people working instead of a fat car park bordered by a barbed-wire fence.

What an empowering and humid day.


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