Night Shift

I'm at one of those points where I wonder if I'm orbiting the sun from the right distance. It's almost 6am and I'm still awake from yesterday morning after riding shotgun on an application release that started at 11pm. I've actually almost done two 7.5 hour work days today. If I could do that twice a week I'd only have to work normal hours on a third day and then I'd have a four day weekend! This seems like a genius idea right now.

Back to my original point - I'm really not sure how much sleep I actually need. I still feel wide awake now, and I only seem to get more productive the longer I go.
I haven't eaten for about 9 hours though, so perhaps my body thinks I should be asleep right now on some level. Then again, I could just still be processing that yiros pizza and all those beers I had between work day one and work day two. That certainly made this experience a whole lot more interesting. Not the drinking part, the sobering up awake part.

Finally, time sure does move fast in the middle of the night. Especially when you're trying to fix problems on a tight schedule. During the day I struggle to stay seated for half an hour at work but tonight I've looked at the clock and realised I've been sitting for 90 minutes trying to fix something and I haven't moved. My back hurts a fair bit now.

In conclusion. I seriously am a man-child. I experienced almost staying up the whole night and I got so excited about it that I went and wrote a three paragraph essay.


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