Lately I've been in a cycle of injuring something, trying to exercise around it, injuring something else, repeat. Apart from giving me a lot of material for my maybe one day dream of a website that lets you strike out body parts and then get shown a list of exercises that are still possible, this has been good for nothing. So I decided I'm not going to exercise any more, until my injury count goes down.

Thus, this weekend has been a rather low energy one. The furthest I went was for a walk down the road to see this unusual tree that Emma tipped me off to.

image 819 from

When I first arrived this magpie was sitting there like it was on a bad trip.

When I first arrived this magpie was sitting there like it was on a bad trip.

Vanessa for scale.

Vanessa for scale.

And the road I walked down:

Finniss Street. North Adelaide, SA.

Finniss Street. North Adelaide, SA.



I saw that first pic on Facebook and was like what the hell? It didn't make sense. Surprising how well the grass still held up, mad flexibility.

I like the last pic best though.

October 18 2010 - Like

First photo is strange and excellent.

October 19 2010 - Like

Vanessa adds scale, but also drama. Shock and awe.

October 19 2010 - Like

That magpie is doing exactly what I wanted to do when we drove past and saw it.

October 19 2010 - Like
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