My Favourite Sydney Photos

I used to write words into this box, and I realised most of my entries later have been pictures and not words. So I wasn't going to post any more pictures until I posted words. Then I couldn't think of any words, but I had pictures. So here we are.

OK here are some words that it did cross my mind to share:

1. It would be pretty funny if intelligent alien life was discovered, and they came to Earth and they didn't speak English but they spoke words and language that could be translated like any other language. And it turned out that they referred to their species as the "stupy-poopheads" and from then on, humanity would have to refer to them as the stupy-poopheads and not laugh.

2. Thinking about this led me to thinking about the names of towns. It's all pretty sorted now, but back in the early days of civilisations there would have come a point where a village would say "We shall call this place 'London'" or "we shall name this point 'Jerusalem'". Whatever. I'm pretty sure that almost every town would have started off being called the ancient equivalent of "awesome town" until everyone realised that they'd all named their towns the same thing. This is probably what caused most of the early wars.

3. I had this observation to make: There's a new show called 'Running Wilde', it's written by Mitchell Hurwitz and stars Will Arnett as a self-centred billionaire's son, and David Cross as a character clueless of his surroundings. It airs Tuesdays on Fox and is narrated by a little girl. I watched a few episodes and it became obvious immediately that Hurwitz was trying to sneak Arrested Development back onto the air by disguising it as another show and then slowly morphing it into Arrested Development's fourth season. I wanted to then quip "After five episodes Fox noticed this and promptly cancelled it", but its sixth episode is now scheduled for next week. It's kind of funny.

Wow, look at all those words that I did have. I guess I will post photos tomorrow instead.


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