Off Camera Flash with Canon 430 EX II

I fell sick half way through my week off work, and I have spent most of this weekend resting. I'm afraid that after four days of suckiness I will wake up tomorrow morning feeling absolutely chipper and then have to go to work, but that doesn't sound as depressing now as it did Saturday morning. I'd love to move past the dross inside my throat and find some pep.

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One of the good things to come out of this weekend - not forgetting the awesome meals I've been served by Vanessa - was working out a way to use my new 430 EX II Flash off camera. I discovered the not best, but cheapest way to do this was with radio sender/receivers I bought for $21 off eBay from Hong Kong.
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I am still in the playing stage, but the resulting photos can be pretty interesting, seeing that you need to set the flash up in manual mode and then dial it up or down to get the exposure right.
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Seeing that this entry is a little bit SEO'd I'll link to the store I bought the radio triggers from.


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