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Chances are, sometime in the near future some east coast boffin is going to be holding my CV in one hand and Googling my full name with the other. There's not a lot one can do to prepare for this moment, beyond setting everything in your Facebook profile to private and avoiding using your full name on your journal - something I've done since 2007 and 2005 respectively. Far before I even knew I'd be trying to change jobs.

However, I am at the mercy of Google's unforgiving cache and I know that any half-decent recruitment officer is going to find - and perhaps this very journal entry - without much nous. I did do a test run earlier and I was pleased to note that a lot of my Rip It Up reviews have made themselves popular and they appear in search results before my journal. Which is kind of pleasing, it makes me feel like I wasn't that bad of a writer and maybe I should write more reviews if they're apparently good enough for indie bands to lift for their pressers.

I don't think many sentences in my nine years of journaling make me unemployable. I hope the worst thing any recruiter might think when visiting this website is "well, this is shabbily coded. I can see why he didn't include this in his portfolio." However, as I have the opportunity now to be proactive I might as well share this - I am not Dale! His stories are based on imagination and observations. Also, in regards to any other thing you might find makes me unemployable... have you seen my recent phocumentaries? Or read my most recent story about the frog that went into the library? Can we negotiate a salary now?

Also, I'll clarify - seeing that the opening paragraph alludes to my Facebook profile being a treasure trove of compromising data - in at least 80% of my photos I'm wearing a shirt, and that includes a lot of photos from tropical Queensland. And there's only two where I'm not wearing pants. Also, I have a mean understanding of PHP's __autoload potential and can make educated decisions when deciding whether to develop using PDO data abstraction or choosing the MySQL Improved extension. And I've picked up books on JQuery and HTML5 which both looks really awesome.


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