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It's hot and humid here in Engadine. Not as terribly tropical as in North Queensland, where every kangaroo that wasn't tied down, sport, probably ended up being hurled into a banana tree by tropical cyclone Yasi. But it's sticky and has been all week in our new home. So we decided to beat the heat and hide at the local mall in the air conditioned cinemas.

We saw The King's Speech which I was quite keen for after reading a few reviews. Unfortunately it seems my brain had a little hiccup and while I enjoyed the first ten minutes of the film I was quite anxious for when Colin Farell was going to appear on the screen and how his accent was going to fit in with all this. Once I realised Colin Firth was a different person I was able to relax and enjoy a well executed and acted film, the value of which really hit home when the first thing I saw leaving the theatre was a large poster for Owen Wilson's new movie.

As we returned to the car I grimaced in anticipation of hot night air. But by then it had cooled nicely, we had beat the heat Boston style.



Is your bro still in Townsville? Hope all is well. He is no doubt busy with the clean up.

February 9 2011 - Like

He is in Brisbane now, but the outcome is still similar.
Good to see you have survived frankie! I would hate to have half my readers wiped out by mother nature.

February 10 2011 - Like

lol :) I hope there would have been some sort of tribute/montage had the outcome been different.

February 15 2011 - Like
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