A Preview of the Previewer

For a while now, basically since I started posting photos instead of writing words, I've been aware that the megabyte content of my journal is becoming inappropriate. On a good day, such as right this second, it's almost three megabytes and seeing that the majority of you are probably refreshing constantly that is a major drain on your bandwidth (assuming you've disabled the automatic caching in your browser just in case I make a subtle adjustment to one of the images in an old entry.) It certainly makes it more of a drag to view on your phone anyway, which is what I had to resort to in order to produce some heroicly long entries before my internet got reconnected in NSW.

So for a little bit less than a while now I've been wanting to implement some sort of image previewer plug-in that would load images in an entry individually and provide thumbnails for browsing. And finally I did bother to write this, me telling people that I was a programmer motivating me to actually program. And after some crucial breakthroughs while coding on Saturday night - a time period where so many of this website's awesome features have been developed - and then several hours of bug fixing later, I have created... The Previewer!

Soon this will be showing up in entries showing all new pictures, instead of the random ones I am currently using to test it. Until then I thought I would post about it in case anybody has feedback to offer about its looks and function. And also because I'm so queer with pride that I made something in javascript with Ajax that actually works pretty well.


Sam Chrome functionality is good until you start double-clicking about then it does stuff like stretch images and display 2 or 3 images at once. I... will just resist clicking on images so much.
February 15 2011 - Like
Annie The first paragraph of that post made no sense to me, but I like the new thing. Well done!
February 15 2011 - Like
Emma It would be super-awesome if you could comment on individual pictures. This comment would have gone with the Pepsi-box pictures: "That made me happy, and I wasn't even the recipient of the gift!"
February 17 2011 - Like
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