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I have been living in NSW for a month and a bit now. I don't feel that different, not that I was expecting I would, but changes are occurring: The Princes Highway, my first impression of it was akin to a wild river; an unrelenting flow of traffic that would keep me pinned in Engadine. That turned out to be a little melodramatic. It's so quickly become my new Shepherds Hill Road.

The first of many replacements. All my hairs have been cut by Sydney scissors. Royal National Park has become my new national park. My Woolworth's experience is essentially identical, as they tend to be uniform across all of Australia except for the one I went into at Miranda briefly which was frozen in time somewhere around 2003. They still had the old style cardboard signs above each aisle indicating the contents. One included "Videotapes".

In this new environment I've successfully increased my creative outputs. I written more prose, read through three novels in the past couple of weeks and the previewer seems to be a feature vacuum that I can't stop feeding. I even sewed a little. I haven't taken many photos but that will change as I become more familiar with my environment. I have taken my camera into the bush a few times but I am just about sick of the colour green.


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