With The Times

Daylight Savings ended this weekend. For an activity appropriately related to catching up on skipped time I watched Pulp Fiction for the first time ever. Then, in an even more delicious twist I finally got around to playing Portal and I finished the entire thing inside the hour that doesn't exist.

OK that's not entirely true, I didn't finish it and after the hour was restarted I was stuck in the second to last level and I gave up for the night. Plus it wasn't in the actual official hour that doesn't exist, but I thought it was a cool story.

I also removed the code that lets me put a picture of Timmy from Passions at the top of an entry.

I think now we're up to date.



Knew there would be a time post :)

April 3 2011 - Like

How come? Am I obsessed with time?

April 3 2011 - Like

Every daylights savings I think! Could be worth checking the archives?

April 3 2011 - Like
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