For most of my adult life I've been against binging. If there's something in this world that I like, and that something comes compartmentalised, I will try and drag my enjoyment out of it for as long as possible. Even when I eat sandwiches I cut them into halves and force myself to wait ninety seconds between slices.

As a kid I exhibited this behaviour a little too. I would occasionally imagine that if I had multiple children in the future I would tell them that they could have another snack or block of chocolate or bottle of drink only after each one of them had finished their first serve. This, I presumed, would mean that they would compete to take as long as possible to finish the last bite or drop of their dessert or drink purely to prevent their siblings from earning seconds early. Because, that was the kind of vindictive food logic I possessed growing up.

With hindsight I realise that my strategy would fail tremendously and my children would have immediately colluded to gorge madly upon any foodstuffs to merely accelerate what they would believe to be an endless supply of food coming out of my wallet. It was realisation likes this which helped convinced me to not want children actually. Their insatiable want for food and tiny brains teaming up to force me to die of starvation because of my slow moving eating strategies.

Anyway, the point of this episode entry is that much more recently I have realised life is too short to never binge. I have given in to my desires on occasion to consume and not stop consuming until I overdose and crash on whatever I'm forcing into my body. To be honest it has felt good. Not good as in the way I feel whenever I go to an all you can eat buffet which inevitably has chocolate mousse which I do not stop eating until my stomach throbs with each breath I take. (Mousse has always been an exception to my binging rule, I think because I never see mousse as being compartmentalised at all. When faced with it, it seems like a long, thick pipeline of limitless chocolate, fat and sugar that snakes towards my mouth angrily..) I'm getting side tracked again. This week I have binged and it has been liberating. In less than seven days I have watched enough episodes of Parks and Recreation to get me to season 3. Along with an almost 1:1 correlation between episodes watched and Mocha Hot Cross Buns microwaved and eaten.

Parks and Recreation is good. When I first saw the pilot I dismissed it as just being an early Office rip off. But later, when I started to run out of TV to watch, I remembered that it was just like an early Office rip off!


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