Dream Journal

This morning I woke from a dream. I was walking the streets of coro valley early in the morning, the first light of the day coming through the trees. I was going from house to house, walking up driveways to leave easter eggs on people's lawns. The eggs said "bradism.com" on them. Kevin Garnett was helping me. I think because he reminds me of dark chocolate almonds. Happy Easter.


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Promoted: Yes, There was an Egyptian Pyramid in Rural Australia with a Basement Full of Human Teeth

The World in Miniature wasn’t abandoned, however, it was empty. Outdated exhibitions on unloved grounds. Our detour seemed destined to be a disappointment. Then we got to the basement of the pyramid, and that’s where we found all the human teeth.

Promoted: Winter 2018

Winter is over! As well as another three months of me making a video every day.

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