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Yesterday morning I was playing some 2 versus 2 in Starcraft. Halfway through the game my ally dropped out, leaving me outnumbered and outgunned. Unlike every other time this situation has occurred I went on to win the match and felt like the greatest video game strategist in the world. I couldn't wait for Vanessa to arrive home from work so I could tell her about my awesome victory. Then I thought it would perhaps be a little sad that the best thing I achieved on my day off was to win a game of Starcraft. Even if the amount of rain this week has justified spending the whole time inside. So, instead of celebrating with a massive sandwich I jumped in the car and drove to the nearest Bunnings Warehouse so I could complete as many lifehacks as possible to regale her with that night.

The first thing I did was buy two wooden, decorative corner pieces. They were about the size of a drinks coaster but about four inches thick and each had a gorgeous, carved spiral on the face. I am using them to prop up the fridge where the front wheels bent in.

I didn't do this one yesterday, but when we first moved into this house the tap fixture for the washing machine was so close to the wall that I couldn't attach the hose because the rubber grips on the end of the hose were being blocked by the wall. Instead of spending $30 on a new hose and connectors I spent $10 on a lifehacksaw and sawed back the grips, giving it a narrow enough diameter to reach the top of the spigot.

I also bought a door mat for the backdoor which I didn't do anything special with or to, but it only cost $3 so I thought it was worth a mention.

My favourite piece of minor household maintenance, however, was the addition of the mount for my phone I installed on the side of my bedside chest of draws. This one took a little bit of preparation as I had to buy a car mount with suction pad for my Galaxy, and then remove just the housing. After that I bought some screws at Bunnings, discovered a few things about drilling, and ended up with this:

image 1037 from

Hello, new alarm clock!

Hello, new alarm clock!



Oh man! I am all inspired to do useful stuff around my house this weekend!

July 22 2011 - Like

Oh man! I am all inspired to play Starcraft!

July 22 2011 - Like
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