Any Requests?

When I posted my last entry I noted that if I published one entry each day this week I could celebrate my 1250th Entry on Saturday!

Obviously I need to start using my camera again.

It's a Friday night, so I decided to bust out a brand new sponge for the dishes this evening. It shone so yellow and clean and firm next to it's dingy looking twin. Totally unaware that the old sponge was its future.

As usual, when I washed the dishes with a new sponge I used the brush more than usual to try and preserve the newness of the sponge. I realised I always do this. And when I buy a new dish brush I use the sponge on dirty things that I would normally use the brush on to try and keep the brush clean for longer.

This seems like pretty normal behaviour, so I'm not worried about it.


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