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I have eaten a lot of Uncle Toby’s Plus cereal in the the month of June, mainly motivated by fear of feeling guilty for opening food and then wasting it. However, with the weather as cruel as it has been, I have come to appreciate Plus even more than I did before June One’s Casual Friday Breakfast. It’s so cold in our house, and fruit ripens so slowly that buying a hand of green bananas almost feels like opening a term deposit.

I feel I was a bit harsh on the cereal in my original post. I complained that, on its own, Plus varieties seemed to lack a certain something. A platform. Really, this should have been obvious, it’s called Plus because it needs to be added to something. Fibre Plus Weet Bix and a Banana. Sports Plus Weet Bix and Oats. Essentials for Women Plus Weet Bix and LSA mix... Well, you know what I’m trying to say: That Weet Bix is amazing.

I’m now a bit of a Plus connoisseur. For example, I can tell you the difference in flakes between Museli Plus and Antioxidants Plus. I’ve also been thinking a lot about ideas for new Plus varieties. I believe there is a lot of potential for new options in this range based on my winter lifestyle. Imagine, if you would indulge me, Caffeine Plus (husks, dried fruit, muesli flakes and nuggets of dried coffee). Potassium Plus (dried banana and muesli). Glucosamine Plus. Antibiotic Plus (now with real lozenge pieces). Yogurt Plus. Bacon and Eggs Plus. I could go on forever. Wine Plus. Noun Plus. Moisturiser and Toothpaste Plus. Sleep Plus. Weet Bix Plus.


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