Gold Medals

China has won a lot of gold medals in the 2012 Olympics.

My phone's headphones died recently. I really liked them, mainly because they had a headset microphone and buttons to control the phone. This meant I could answer my giant ass phone without looking like I was holding an iPad up to my face.

I found on eBay a seller who had replacement Galaxy Note headphones for only $3 a pair. Bargain. I ordered four pairs, figuring that if these ones also died after less than two months I would have enough backups to last me until the end of the year.

China does not win the gold medal for making headphones. Unless there's a "rhythmic gymnastics" equivalent of outlying headphone making events where the challenge is to make headphones that zap me with tiny electric shocks whenever I'm walking. I will probably only put up with this for another few weeks, maximum.

Side Note: Is capitalising the second letter of a word going to become more prominent as the English language is continually pilfered for words that are locked into trademarks? It's like when they changed the grammar of number plates. I don't see any other solution. Removing vowels from words only works so long as the word is never spoken aloud. That's why you never see any of those brands achieving a Facebook or Twitter like level of recognition, so rethink your business models people.


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