Casual Friday Breakfast - Weet Bix Crunch Dark & Stormy

I decided to eat a whole bunch of Cocoa Malt Weet Bix Crunch with a banana for breakfast this morning. I normally eat healthier cereal, but it was sunny and forecast for 31 degrees so I thought, screw it.

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I call this Dark and Stormy because it's dark and because banana's sometimes remind me of rum because they tend to grow in the same climes. The cocoa malt is slightly bitter, and the almonds give it a protein kick like thunder.
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Eating this volume of sugary cereal made me feel like a ten year old, and refreshed me before a day of trying to keep my inbox from going over it's storage capacity.

The banana did not blend with crunchy Weet-Bix as well as it does with the regular type. This was, therefore, a lot like eating a banana at the same time as eating a whole bunch of cereal.

Improvement in Productivity:
Despite my affinity for breakfast I have long since trained myself to eat Weet Bix crunch in smaller servings. The large serving today served to both bloat me, and make me late for work. This meant I had to hustle to the train at high speed with a full belly in particularly warm weather. I haven't felt quite right while sitting for the whole day.

Casual Friday Rating:
Like 2:30pm on a Friday Afternoon when you're emotionally conflicted because it's almost the weekend, but it's not actually the weekend yet.


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