Sydney Heatwave Live Updates

08:06 Went for a walk
09:51 Looked out the window at weather
11:03 Made a coffee
16:44 Decided it would be good to do a load of washing
19:11 Regretfully ate a third of an old Christmas pudding
20:04 Made another coffee
23:59 Journal Entry

It was 42 degrees in Sydney today. I think this was partly my doing, as last week I'd noticed Adelaide's typical heat wave and I'd reminisced with some nostalgia about my unairconditioned times in that city in those temperatures.

In Sydney, 42 degrees is a big event. Definitely important enough for the Sydney Morning Herald website to have a dynamic, interactive front page article that constantly updates with new stories about how hot it is. I hope that The Advertiser hasn't started doing this since I've been gone.

There's a lot of things being inflated beyond their proportions in the media these days. People who obviously saw the East Coast centric media whinging about the hot weather sent me messages to make sure I was alright. I don't remember anyone checking that I was okay in the middle of Adelaide's five day stretches of forty plus. There was nothing on the web in those heat wave to recommend not making a spicy curry. You just learned these things for yourself.

I enjoyed today's weather. As midnight closed in I sat on my balcony deck enjoying the warm night air, resisting the urge to drink a beer. It felt like Summer had finally arrived.


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