After working way too many hours during a sunny winter weekend I worked from home today. From the moment I woke up the entire sky was blanketed with grey, ambling cloud and I didn't see the sun once. It was cold. So, rationally, I decided to catalogue the pantry and find things to eat so I could increase my blubber like an elephant seal.

What did I find behind a packet of long life tortillas? A single-serving size of Lucky Charms that I stole from a breakfast buffet at a motel in Cambria, California.

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I sampled many foods in America, but for my own sake resisted trying any American cereals for fear I would not be able to make myself board the plane back home. This sachet of morning candy was all I allowed myself to take. I'm glad I saved it for today. While outside was overcast and gloomy inside my cereal there were rainbows!

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It was only after I finished drinking the leftover milk from the bowl that I wondered how long it had been since I had pocketed this cereal on that much sunnier morning last year, which I saw elephant seals on.

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That was lucky!


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