ANZAC Day Jokes

ANZAC Day is an annual reminder of the service provided to Australia and New Zealand by our defense forces. It's also an annual reminder that I should dial back the temperature setting of my freezer for the next six months.

You probably shouldn't make jokes about ANZAC Day.

Yeah, I'm the idiot who waited until late on ANZAC Day Eve to try and buy a loaf of Turkish Bread from the supermarket. That's why I had to settle for Lebanese bread for supper.



....small a aNZaC DaY...
Hooked up on a crook
The king has been rooked
And is in no position to wrangle

The Bishop it seems
Bows down to the Queen
While Knights cover most other Angles

All the paws in their ranks
One step forward for thanks
For the medals, the memories et al

And if you'll be my bodyguard
I'll be your Pal
And if you call me Betty
I'll call you chorale:

April 25 2019 - Like
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