Spring 2017 Playlist

Oh no, it's Spring. it was 23 degrees and sunny for a day there between the freezing nights and this week's heatwave. Better share my new music Spring 2017 playlist before the long days of summer heat cripple and curl the greenery.

Featuring, all new songs from 2017 that I've listened to a lot. To remind me of days of hamstring exercises, Cake PHP development, starting to worry about UV again whilst writing, driving to town during lame rail upgrades, cooking huge and agricultural vegetarian curries, hamstring stretches.
(I did a lot of other things during Spring 2017, but most of them whilst not listening to music.)


Brad For future reference, in case Spotify dies and someone needs evidence of what musical act names were like in 2017, here's a text list:
  1. A R I Z O N A feat. Kiiara - Cross my Mind Pt. 2
  2. Until the Ribbon Breaks - Here Comes the Feeling
  3. ODESZA, WYNNE - Line of Sight
  4. Tokyo - Stronger Love
  5. Pnau - Into the Sky
  6. Illenium feat. Kerli - Sound of Walking Away
  7. Death from Above 1979 - Freeze Me
  8. Everything Everything - Desire
  9. Queens of the Stone Age - The Way You Used To
  10. Black Honey - Somebody Better
  11. Beck - I'm So Free
  12. The Jungle Giants - Bad Dream
  13. Portugal. The Man - Feel it Still (Ofenbach Remix)
  14. Tove Stryke - Mistakes
  15. Jaira Burns - Burn Slow
  16. Chase & Status - Crawling
  17. Danger feat Tasha the Amazon - 19:00
  18. Space Above - Laniakea
  19. Creeper - I Choose to Live
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