Waiting On The Summer

It's been at least five days since I've seen the sun. This is making it increasingly difficult to wear my sunglasses in public. Not only because I have to be more careful about walking into things. Today, an old woman at the bus stop asked me if I was an undercover cop. I told her, no, I simply have sensitive pupils.

...As in, sensitive to staring into the soul of another human being for a quarter second as we cross paths in this busy metropolis of a few thousand people. Oh God, I need more hand sanitiser. Winter is good for influenza and bad for introversion. I see a lot of people wearing scarves this week. I wonder if I could wear a scarf over my eyes, if that would be more socially acceptable, or if I should just suck it up until Spring.

Anyway, this gloomy weather reminded me I never finished/posted my Summer New Music Mixtape, which is called Waiting On The Summer. So here it is below. It's full of upbeat EDM and cruisy summer tunes to further compound the misery of the season.



  1. VHS Collection - Waiting on the Summer (Dave Edwards remix)
  2. Pnau - Go bang
  3. Axwell /\ Ingrosso - More Than You Know
  4. WALK THE MOON - One Foot
  5. Dagny - Love You Like That
  6. Wafia - Bodies
  7. Don Diablo feat. A R I Z O N A - Take Her Place
  8. SLUMBERJACK feat Vera Blue - Fracture
  9. Aisha Badru - Mind on Fire (Radical Face Mix)
  10. Phantogram - Fall In Love (Until the Ribbon Breaks Remix)
  11. AWOLNATION - Sound Witness System
  12. alt-J feat. The Age Of L.U.N.A. - Pleader (Mr. Jukes Remix)
  13. N.E.R.D. feat. Kendrick Lamar - Don't Don't Do it!
  14. Krrum - Waves
  15. The Naked and Famous - Girls Like You (stripped version)
  16. Ball park Music - The Perfect Life Does Not Exist
  17. Sure Sure - Hands Up Head Down
  18. ZHU - Chasing Marrakech
  19. Shane Euston - Toxic Love
  20. Avicii [RIP] feat. Rita Ora - Lonely Together (Alan Walker Remix)

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