Yes, There was an Egyptian Pyramid in Rural Australia with a Basement Full of Human Teeth

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Caspers World in Miniature was a theme park in Victoria, Australia, a bit over half way between Adelaide and Melbourne. I don’t have a definitive source, but I believe it opened in 1976. My one and only visit to Caspers was in 2008, to break up that same, long drive. It’s taken me that much time to come to terms with what we found there.

Despite looking like it, The World in Miniature wasn’t abandoned. The owners still lived out front and we paid to enter. However, it was empty. Outdated exhibitions on unloved grounds. Our detour seemed destined to be a disappointment.

Then we got to the basement of the pyramid, and that’s where we found all the human teeth.

And that’s just the start.

And that’s just the start.

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Emily Parnaby

I lived across the road from Mini World from ages 5-17. I even had a weird part time job helping out there on the weekends when I was about 10 years old. That was back in 2002 and it was well on the way to becoming dilapidated then. David was quite old and frail even at that time and had very little to do with the parks operations, but his dentist surgery, where all the teeth came from, used to be in the brown two story building just up the hill.
As long as I can remember, it was a kind of creepy place. One day after finishing dusting the displays, as I was waiting for customers, I was playing with some of the many kittens that roamed the grounds. As I was chasing them, trying to catch one, I fell over and a lock of my hair fell into an open tin. When I got up I noticed it had fallen into a thick, reddish, translucent liquid. I immediately felt sick and panic wash over me as I stared at my hair and the open tin, the only thought running through my 10 year old mind was that it was a tin full of blood. And now that I had discovered the tin of blood, what would happen to me? It turned out to be varnish but the place always had a kind of murdery vibe.

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