There are lots of things you do with your spouse after you’re married, like holidays, work functions and dinner parties. Add to that list “being sick”. That’s what Vanessa and I have been doing over the past week. Who was sick first, and who was sick the most, are up for debate. We’ve both been equally afflicted since the weekend.

Being sick usually makes me miserable, and it makes me feel persecuted and singled out by a cold, horrid world. Being sick as a couple is a lot more tolerable. We can take turns to bring each other soup, compete to see who can land a sodden tissue in a bin on the other side of the room and snuggle under a blanket together. We also give each other advice on what to expect, as we both seem to have a cold or infection that bounces from place to place relentlessly, which I’m guessing is why it has maintained for so long. I’m not sure of exactly where this illness originated from, but I’m pretty sure I caught it on Sydney’s public transport.

Vanessa has been an excellent carer at times when I’ve needed looking after, and I do my best when she’s in need. I think this is the first time we both have been so run down at the same time. While it has mainly been a world of snot and headaches, in a special way, it’s also been a highlight of the marriage so far.


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