Parlez-vous Anything?

I'm much better at writing than I am at speaking. This is true of English, and it's definitely true of French. Francais is a subtle, delicate language. Whenever I try to speak it I feel as if my giant mouth is crushing the words like Lennie in a barn, of Mice and Men style. This has been my experience with learning of French.

The reason for learning French is so that I can communicate with French people. The reason I want to do that is in case we move to France.

Vanessa is an easily influenced person, which is great when it ignites her passion for jobs or life opportunities (not so good during the sad parts of Disney movies.) After one week of working in Europe she has decided that's where she wants to work on a more permanent basis. I'm a big fan of this decision. I've strongly encouraged her to look for jobs there. Despite being horrible at French, I would love to live in Europe. I hope it happens, my only regret would be that I paid off my HECS debt upfront before leaving the country.

I don't know exactly when or how we will end up in Europe. It depends a lot on what else Vanessa sees between now and then. I do know that visiting Paris, the city of Love, with the person I love, would be amazing. It's all very exciting. I do promise, however, not to host a farewell party until after any contracts are signed.


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