If you're wondering what you can chop on an official Bradism Raised Cutting Board for Tall People, let me share the recipe for my staple salad. I make this meal for lunch usually a few times a week in summer and semi-regularly outside it.

Capturing here for future reference.

image 1938 from


  • Tomato
  • 150g mixed-leaf lettuce
  • Half a cucumber
  • Half a capsicum/bell-pepper
  • Drained tin of 4 bean mix
  • Half a tin of drained corn kernels
  • Hommus/Hummus/Humus/Houmus/Delicious chickpea shit

image 1939 from

Chop everything but the lettuce into corn kernel sized pieces and mix together. Consistency is vital. Salt and pepper to taste.

image 1940 from

Chop the lettuce into small pieces and layer on top of rest of salad. Scoop out ~100g of hummus. Mix through.
Pro-tip: if you're at the bottom of the hummus container, keep a few bigger leaves of lettuce and use those to scrape up the last bits.

image 1941 from

Mix thoroughly. Yes, this is a salad bowl.


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