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I'm privileged to currently be in Melbourne for a week of training for work. It's been good so far, but it is unfortunate that I have to miss five days of peak Jasmine flowering and aroma season in Adelaide.

Now, you might think that surely I should be missing my family, or my bed and chair, my gyms, and my blender and yoghurt more than some smelly flowers. But I'd miss those things at any time of year. I wait nearly twelve months for these weeks with their little burst of sweet fragrance on my way to work.

Fortunately I found some Jasmine growing in a laneway in Southbank. So it's okay, I can just go there every morning before training for a sniff.

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It was sunny when I left to find a place for breakfast today. Receiving my flat white in a laneway cafe at the exact moment the hail started outside felt like peak Melbourne.

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