Potentially called "Bradism"

I went for a walk along the beach last Sunday with Vanessa and the dog and it's incredible how many bad things have happened since then.

That said, I did decide to watch a Netflix documentary about coaching, featuring Doc Rivers, as it appeared on my TV on the same day Doc was fired from the Clippers.

One of the things Doc mentioned in the episode was his rule of "Don't be a victim."

Many years ago on a walk home from work I was contemplating setting out my own philosophy/ideology - potentially called "Bradism". By the time I got home I decided that the easier approach would be to let other people come up with ideologies and I would simply adopt the one I found the most appropriate.

Since then I've stolen an technique from the Agile Methodology to adapt other people's successful philosophies and ideologies iteratively, in small chunks.

So I'm taking a "Don't be a Victim" approach to the current diagnoses and challenges life has thrown at me lately.

I mean, there are definitely victims, but the trick is to not be one.

Doc Rivers signed a 5 year coaching contract with Philadelphia in this same week that he was fired, so I guess that approach is working for him.

Actually, I've just realised that the philosophy of Bradism is to pick and choose facets of other ideologies as needed.


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