Through The Looking Glass

The first day Summer started the same way as the first day of spring - and the first day of winter - mango and banana smoothie.

Ironically, it was routine that I bemoaned at the start of 2020, where I recklessly vowed I would shirk predictability and venture out of my comfort zone again like days of old.
In my head I figured I would find a new comfort zone, probably in a different suburb and/or a new kitchenette. I would ride a bicycle. I even bought a new PC and monitor.

Covid came along and yet I still found a way to say yes to things that scared me. I even did away with breakfast smoothies for a few days there. Though not for long.

Today was a big day on that journey of change for (hopefully not just for) the sake of a journal entry.

My new monitor arrived. It's curved.


Guy Stewart

Dear Brad:

I just finished "A Purpose for Stars".

It was perfect.

I love aliens (yes, I am a Star Wars fan and a Star Trek Fan because...aliens). However, after exposure to said aliens for decades (and practically every other movie with Humans-In-Makeup, I find that the same malady has leaked into written SF. Aliens are created for special effects, usually in order to grind an author's axe...

The Yumjians didn't feel that way. They felt real, and while they were there to make a point, it made me tear up when Pedrosa discovered WHY Wuggleiw's mother insisted on the surgery. BTW -- in case you think I might be ANOTHER fawning fan, I do have some street cred! Six months ago, I retired from teaching elementary, high school and middle school science (from Astronomy to Zoology) and being a school counselor (all told, 40 years). I teach a class for Gifted and Talented youngsters called Alien Worlds (in which I insist on as much science in their worlds and aliens as I can force into them!). I'm an ANALOG author as well. Your piece was well done. VERY well done. I hope you find another story there waiting to be told.

Guy Stewart

December 2 2020 - Like
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