On Repeat Is Right

With some pandemic influence.

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This year I might crack a century.


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Next Entry: The Farmer's Market in the Time of COVID

I listened to a podcast about the aspirational class late last week, and sure enough this morning I found myself visiting a local farmer's market in order to spend more on what can be bought for less. Perhaps experiencing trays of local fruit and vegetables, along with enticing treats and organic coffee would make more vibrant the grey days of working at home, alone with my computer and a Nestle brand coffee machine and Coles brand corn kernels.

Promoted: A Bladder Full Of Golden Syrup

In 2018, Anzac Day is a tricky one, everyone caught between respecting the fallen, and wishing for a world where we'd never killed each other in the first place.

Promoted: Five Lessons from Speculate 18

Too much for me summarise in a review. Instead, I thought I'd share a single takeaway and challenge from each of the sessions.

Previous Entry: 21st Day Off Work

A snippet of Nash's thoughts today: Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird (And last night too). I sacrificed 20 minutes of my life to rescuing a bird.

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