The Shoulder of the Season

I'm still doing my best to enjoy Autumn, but I'm also wary that content can become derivative and unappealing as a frosty Zooper Dooper in May.

Life has been quite busy when I haven't been admiring sunlight through coloured leaves, or enjoying woollen socks. I'm working a lot, reading many books, walking and riding my bike when the weather allows it.

One morning a few weeks ago I took a pleasant bike ride to the sports hospital where I discovered (perhaps unsurprisingly) that they don't have any bicycle parking.

I met a shoulder surgeon who after knowing me for less than five minutes had decided he wanted to penetrate my skin and anchor my labrum to my skeleton. I wasn't happy about this, but I decided it was probably a good idea long term. Then I rode my bike back home.

I've reflected in moments about how much energy I should invest into being frustrated about this injury, as well as the fact that if it had been diagnosed correctly eight months ago I would have had a much easier route into recovery. Before I changed jobs I had over two months of sick leave banked up. Today I have three days.

Then I thought, perhaps I should be thankful that the injury has been properly diagnosed at all. I could have gone years never being able to put weight through my arm or put things on the high shelf without pain. Although at least I would be accumulating sick leave all that time... Nevertheless, if all goes well, I'll get my shoulder back and my dream of being Duncan Robinson at age 37 might come true. Or at least I can shoot a basketball again.

No point stressing about it. There's XML elements to map.

In the meantime I've continued doing squats - and sometimes, heavier squats - as I wait for the scalpel. I am not looking forward to a period of time without a right arm. With a minimum of two weeks of no work/keyboard I will have limited options. My expectation is for a lot of audio books and one handed meals.

Guess I'll have to stick with the Zooper Doopers a while longer.


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