That Was Left Handed

Today I have accepted that I am going to have an operation on my shoulder, and that I’m not going to be able to strengthen my rotator cuff muscles to the extent that they provide stability to my labrum for the rest of my life.
When I encounter strangers while my arm is in a sling, they won’t need to ask, “Do you play basketball?”
(They'll already know.)

At least there will be one less hand to constantly sanitize for a few weeks.

Despite only accepting it today, I have been booked for the surgery for over a month now. And so I have spent a lot of the past weeks practicing daily tasks with my left hand to prepare for the recovery period. So far I have successfully, left handed:

  • Buttoned my pants
  • Put headphones on
  • Taken slippers off
  • Cleaned my teeth (but not flossed).
  • Peeled a banana
  • Made a coffee (although the bottom of the milk frother will probably not be looking great by July.)
  • Patted a dog
  • Got up from the ground
  • Toilet

I have a suspicion this will effectively cover all my daily activities from May 19 to June.

Surprisingly, nearly all of these things came naturally and didn’t require much honing at all.

I suspect I have been preparing for not having a right arm ever since I got addicted to my smartphone.


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