Polar Opposites

One of the last tasks that I completed pre-surgery was to drag the outdoor gas heater next to my patio chair in readiness for a fortnight of gloomy recovery.

So I'll admit I was a little annoyed to see the weather forecast for the days following my surgery were suddenly all sunny and mid-twenties. In late May!? How dare life throw this new insult in my face? Days perfect for bike rides or even beach walks, and getting things done in the garden, all now to be observed from the shadows with my arm in a sling.

In hindsight, nice days have been a blessing. I've been able to walk around in a singlet, rather than with my arm awkwardly swaddled within the confines of my jumper. I've done less shivering. The warm air has given the afternoons a serene ambience in which to listen to audiobooks and watch Nash chase the birds out of the bushes.

image 2222 from bradism.com

It's also been good weather for eating Zooper Doopers.


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