Three Lifehacks to sum up a Tuesday

If your dish brush is looking tired, greasy and sauce stained, put it in the dishwasher the next time you run it. The sensor wash ran overnight in my Miele and I woke up this morning to crisp, white bristles (and no melted plastic).

If cold mornings or evenings are causing your winter showers to take longer than needed, and you're working from home, jump in the shower when you have a ten minute gap between video calls. The time pressure will motivate rapid cleaning and drying, with no lingering to justify keeping the hot water running.

If you hate the effort of washing up all the different bits of a protein shaker you can use a kitchen funnel to feed protein powder directly into a nearly finished bottle of supermarket milk. Squeeze a few ice cubes through the mouth of the bottle and then shake that until mixed. Also a good strategy if you just can't fit 750ml of milk in your shaker.


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