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Next Entry: The Scenic Route

Recently I've been working on balancing life's boring todo list jobs and tasks with more adventurous goals and objectives. Today's planned adventure was a road trip with Vanessa and Nash.

Promoted: What's a Like Worth?

In 2018, the time of pretending we’re not influenced by social media’s algorithms is finished.

Promoted: Five Lessons from Speculate 18

Too much for me summarise in a review. Instead, I thought I'd share a single takeaway and challenge from each of the sessions.

Previous Entry: Three Lifehacks to sum up a Tuesday

If your dish brush is looking tired, greasy and sauce stained, put it in the dishwasher the next time you run it. The sensor wash ran overnight in my Miele and I woke up this morning to crisp, white bristles (and no melted plastic).

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