What's On My Mantel 2(021)

It's the Delta Edition of the Adelaide Pandemic Lockdown and I've been thinking again about the British Mass Observation diarists of World War Two. My brain has clearly distorted the purpose these people served, as what I write about is not for the benefit of the government nor likely to influence public policy. What I mainly remember was that they used to write about their mantelpieces. Perhaps I fixated on this because I don't have a mantel, and on days like this, I strenuously long to have one as having a mantelpiece would be conducive to me having a fireplace with which to stand in front of and observe the things on the mantel so that I could write about how I feel regarding them and then influence government policy.

Nevertheless while not having a mantel nor having dragged the patio heater and gas bottle through the back door and into the living room for observation, I have still observed and felt in general. The theme for today is single digits.

I have enough milk left for 9 coffees. The lead time for online shopping delivery is currently five days. This is disastrous, but a sacrifice I am willing to make between now and next Friday. I do have over 5 litres of skim milk if I get desperate.

Despite having a 2.5km radius and a maximum daytime temperature of 9 degrees... I failed to reach my step goal of double-figure thousands. But I should beat it after I walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth.

Every dumbbell I used today was in single-figure kilograms. But I am also in single figure weeks since my operation. My strongest movement is a bent over row into triceps extension (7kg). My worst is a lying bent arm external rotation stretch, where I use a 1.5kg dumbbell to pull my arm back what feels like a single digit number of degrees.

Types of beans consumed today: 1.

Days until next Friday: single digits.



Wow, this post is good, my sister is analyzing these things, therefore I am going to let know her.

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